Spring of 1854, the Grasshoppers Came to Lehi

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The Martin Bushman family crossed the plains with the Kelsey Company in 1851, and arrived in Lehi Utah in the Spring.

From the Bushman Family History Book:

They felt that they were greatly blessed when they were able to start across the plains with a good supply of food, a wagon, two yoke of oxen and two yoke of cows. The trip across the plains was uneventful and their food just barely lasted until they reached Utah. The Bushmans stayed in Salt Lake City for one week, and then went to Lehi where their old missionary friend, Elisha Davis lived. There were only 30 families living in Lehi at that time. At this place they were welcomed to the use of a vacant log hut which belonged to Abraham Hatch. Martin and Jacob helped with the first harvest in Lehi, and later cut grass for their cattle from the common pasture of the lower field. The following spring he bargained with Hatch for a farm, and built himself a new log home where he lived a short time before he built his adobe home in which they lived until his death. In 1854 he helped built the mud wall around the town.

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In this spring of 1854, the grasshoppers or “Mormon Crickets” came.  John Bushman, son of Martin, recorded this in his journal on p. 10:

1854-4 Grasshoppers

These were trying times for the Bushman family, but as always, they carried on.

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