Ann John Lewis b. 3 May 1818: Celebrating 200th Birthday!

Ann John Lewis is my husband John’s Great-great Grandmother.  She was born 200 years ago today in Cardiff, Wales.Lewis, Ann headstone in St. John's Cardiff WalesMemorial headstone for Ann John Lewis at St. John’s in Cardiff, Wales

When Ann John was born on May 3, 1818, her father, John, was 35, and her mother, Elizabeth, was 37. She married John A Lewis in March 1834 in Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales. They had seven children in 10 years. She died as a young mother on May 10, 1850, at the age of 32.

John A. Lewis was a rock mason by trade and a master builder. He with his brother built the Cardiff docks. He was educated as a Weselyn minister. He did not hear of Mormonism until after his second marriage in Wales to Mrs. Priscilla Merriman Phillips in 1851.

Today we remember and celebrate John’s wife, Ann, mother of Ann b. 1836, Frederick b. 1838, Mary b. 1839, Amelia b. 1841, Frederick b. 1844, and twins William and Prees b. 1847.

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