Christof Wilhelm Schaefer and Susanne Fritz Family Record, Grossgartach

Today is my Grandma Elsa’s birthday.  She was born 30 March 1895 in Grossgartach.  Here is her family’s record from the Church books in Grossgartach.

Grossgartach Church Records (93)

Her parents are Christof Wilhelm Schaefer, son of Johann Jacob Schaefer and Susanna Widenmaier; and Susanne Fritz, daughter of Johann Georg Ranger (stepfather) and Rosina Magdalena König

Their children are:
Frida Schaefer b. 15 Nov 1880, Grossgartach  (d. 1929)
Wilhelmina Schaefer b. 15 Sept 1882, Grossgartach (d.  )
Wilhelm Carl Schaefer b. 23 Jan 1885, Grossgartach (d. 1951)
Mathilde Schaefer b. 14 Feb 1887, Grossgartach (d. 1887)
Elsa Schaefer b. 30 Mar 1895, Grossgartach (d. 1988)
Emma Schaefer b. 9 Dec 1897, Grossgartach (d. 1898)

Schaefer, Frida

Frida Schaefer

Schaefer, Mina, Susanne, Hilde

Wilhelmina (Mina), Susanne, Mathilde (Hilde) Schaefer

Kolb, Mina Schaefer

Wilhelmina (Mina) Schaefer Kolb

Wilhelm Carl Schaefer:


Schaefer, Hilde & Mina with child

Mathilde (Hilde) and Wilhelmina (Mina) with child

Elsa Schaefer:

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