Edward Franklin Turley b. 26 March 1869, d. 7 November 1940

The Theodore Turley Family Book, pp. 287-290

Turley, Edward Franklin 1

Edward Franklin Turley

The Theodore Turley Family Book, pp. 287-290

Edward Franklin Turley was born to Isaac and Clara Ann Tolton Turley on March 26, 1869 in Beaver City, Utah. He moved with his family from Beaver City to St. Joseph, Ariona, and then several years later to Snowflake, Arizona. They moved from Snowflake May 3, 1886, arriving in Benito Juarez in Mexico May 27, 1886. They had several exciting experiences with the Indians on this trip to Mexico as the Indians were on the warpath.

Turley, Isaac Family

Edward Franklin spent about two months of each winter in. school. Spring plowing, looking after the crops during the summer and fall as well as the cattle and horses took much of his time. While making the trip to Mexico he contracted the chills and fever and they remained with him until spring of 1893.Turley, Edward Franklin and Edward Eyring

Turley, Edward Franklin and Ida Eyring

Edward married Ida Elizabeth Eyring on Oct. 11, 1893 in the Salt Lake Temple by Apostle George Teasdale. Ida was born Dec. 9, 1874 in St. George, Utah, daughter of Henry Eyring and Mary Bommeli Eyring. Edward C. Eyring and Caroline Romney, also Edward S. McClellan and Bertha were all married the same day; in fact, they all rode the train from Mexico to Salt Lake City for this occasion. Ida’s mother went along as chaperone.

Turley, Edward Franklin in Colonia Juarez 1887

We lived two months in our father and mother’s home. January 11, 1894 we moved into our new home (a red brick house on the other corner of the block in Colonia Juarez, Mexico. December 16, 1895 ordained a Seventy in the 99th Quorum of Seventies by Edward Stevenson, On the 16th of May, 1895 our first girl was born. May 5, 1897 Edward received a call from Box B, a mission to the Northern States Mission. Edward Vernon was born May 30, 1897. On June 14, 1897 departed for Salt Lake City, Utah to be set apart for his mission. Townspeople contributed to his Testimonial, the proceeds from the dance given to Edward Franklin for his expenses.

Turley, Edward Franklin 3Turley, Edward Franklin with mission comp

On the 2nd July, 1897 arrived in Cincinnati, Ohio. Pres. David J. Davis and several missionaries met him at the Union Depot. Mission headquarters, 214 Dorsey Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. While on mission was able to visit many Turley families and obtain genealogy on the Turley progenitors. Studied and worked hard to gain a real success in the mission field. Appointed Secretary of the Conference and remained so until released Sept. 26, 1899. While laboring in Cincinnati he baptized six young Germans, and in Zanesville baptized a Brother Taylor, U.S. Army Veteran of the War with Mexico; he was with the troops that captured Mexico City. He was baptized at the boat landing in the Muskingum River.

Received his release Sept. 26, 1899 from President Ben E. Rich, headquarters in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He was met by his brother Charley, wife Ida and son Vernon at El Paso, Texas. Returned to Colonia Juarez and was employed by Henry Eyring in the Co-op Store. Following year took a contract hauling mail, furniture and merchandise for the Co-op and Bentley-Harris Store. Then he put his attention to farming, fruit raising and stock raising. During the year 1910 worked eleven months for the Pearson Lumber Co. at Colonia Pearson, Mexico.

The Mexican Revolution brought, without warning, a general exodus by the Mormon people after the General Authorities recommended them to leave. They reluctantly left July 28 and 29, 1912. Many lived in. El Paso, Texas while others went to various states of the United States.

Edward and his family returned to Colonia Juarez Sept. 16, 1914. He served in many church capacities. For about 35 years he was ward clerk. Edward and Ida worked in the Mesa Temple for many years doing vicarious work for their progenitors and their people. Ida died in El Paso, Texas on, December 11, 1952 and was buried in Colonia Juarez, Mexico.

Edward married Annie Sariah Martineau Walser on Jan. 6, 1901. She had previously been sealed to Henry Samuel Walser on Nov. 18, 1892. Annie and Henry had two children, Phyllis and Fredrick, before Henry was killed in a sawmill accident on Oct. 12, 1897. Edward Franklin and Annie Sariah’s five children were sealed to Annie and Henry Samuel Walser on Oct. 7, 1947.

Edward died Nov. 7, 1940 in Colonia Juarez, Mexico. Annie married Alvin J. Hawkes in November of 1918.

Turley, Edward Franklin children with Ida

Children of Edward Franklin and Ida Elizabeth Eyring Turley:
Edward Turley. born June 13, 1894 in Colonia Juarez; died the same day.
Ida Elizabeth Turlev. born May 16, 1895 in Colonia Juarez; died Febr. 18, 1899.
Edward Vernon Turley, born May 30, 1897 in Colonia Juarez,
Clarence Franklin Turley, born July 16, 1900 in Colonia Juarez.
Henry Eyring Turley, born June 7, 1902 in Colonia Juarez.
Theresa_Turley Wagner, born March 21, 1909 in Colonia Juarez.
Harold Emmerson Turley. born Nov. 22, 1911 in Colonia Juarez.

Children of Edward Franklin and Annie Sariah Martineau Walser Turley:
Clara Ellen Turley Radovich. born Nov. 22, 1901 in Colonia Juarez.
Walter Turley. born Oct. 22, 1903 in Colonia Juarez.
Aubrey Franklin Turley, born May 25, 1906 in Colonia Juarez.
Lawrence Edward Turley, born Nov. 8, 1908 in Colonia Juarez.
Louis Osborn Turley. born April 26, 1911 in Colonia Juarez.

Turley, Edward Franklin and Ida Eyring 1

Edward Franklin Turley with Ida Elizabeth Eyring

Turley, Edward Franklin Family

Turley, Edward Franklin & Ida children

Turley, Edward Franklin top left

Edward Franklin (wearing hat), Clara Tolton Turley front left.


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