Biographical Sketch of Margaret Laura Zimmerman Bushman (26 March 1858-14 June 1933)

Bushman, Elias and Margaret

Margaret Laura Zimmerman Bushman and Elias Albert Bushman at their 25th Anniversary

Bushman, Elias & Margaret home

Elias and Margaret Bushman Home

Margaret Zimmerman Bushman was born in Lehi, March 26, 1858, the daughter of John and Harriet Laura Lamb Zimmerman. She was the fourth child in a family of eleven. She was born in a log house but while still a baby her parents built the house (in which) [crossed out] on the corner by Azor Southwick now lives. It was the second one of the nice homes built at that time.

Being born in pioneer days she experienced some of the trials and hardships incident to pioneer life and took part in the various activities at that time such as gathering grease wood and burning it to get ashes to use as a substitute for lye, gathering fruit and drying it with which she bought clothes and helping where ever necessary. She also did fine hand embroidering, knitting, and crocheting.

She was given the advantage of the schools in Lehi at that time where she excelled in spelling, for which her teacher, Mr. Thurman, gave her a book as a prize. She was baptized Aug. 5, 1866, by Edward Edwards, and the same day was confirmed a member of the Church by Canute Peterson.

Throughout her life her faith in the Gospel of Christ has never wavered. Before her marriage she taught Sunday School for many years and sang in the choir.

On March 27, 1879, she was married to Elias Albert Bushman in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City, By Daniel H. Wells. To this union were born eleven children. Even with the care of this large family she found time to help in the church, having served as a Relief Society Teacher for more than forty years.

She felt her responsibility as a mother and always got her little children off to their meetings. She taught them the principles of the Gospel and urged and encouraged them to do their duties. So great was her faith in this restored gospel that she willingly shouldered the responsibility of the home and large family while her husband fulfilled two missions.

Bushman, Elias family during his mission

Margaret Zimmerman Bushman with children while Elias was on his mission

Sister Bushman was always very charitable, sending meat, fruit, vegetables, etc., to those less fortunate than she and contributed liberally to the Relief Society and other organizations. She spent a great deal of time doing work for the dead in the Salt Lake, Manti, and Logan Temples. She was a wonderful home maker and her home was a gathering place not only for her own children and grandchildren, but also open to friends.

After an illness of several weeks she died at her home June 14, 1933 [. . . ], her husband and three daughters having preceded her to the great Beyond.

Bushman, Elias Home Lehi

Elias and Margaret Bushman Home in Lehi, Utah

Bushman, Margaret Zimmerman

Margaret Laura Zimmerman Bushman

Bushman, Elias Family

The Elias and Margaret Bushman Family

Bushman, Elias & Margaret Family

The Elias and Margaret Bushman Family

Eight children survive her–Elias Albert, Mrs. Byron Beck, Mrs. J. F. Bradshaw, Mrs. George Lewis, John M., Mrs. Oliver Kirkham, Mrs. E. H. McAffee, and Suel Jr. Also thirty grandchildren and two great grandchildren, two brothers, George and Suel Zimmerman, one half brother, Heber Zimmerman, two sisters, Mrs. A. J. Evans and Mrs. George Southwick, who will mourn her and miss her cheerful sunny smile of welcome.
She did her task from day to day, and met whatever came her way. Believing God had willed it so. Thus found real greatness here below.

[Typed from hand-written account found in Wayne Bushman’s Book of Remembrance. No author mentioned. Perhaps this was the life sketch read at her funeral by Bishop Anderson.]


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