Martin Benjamin Bushman b. 5 February 1841, Bart Township, Lancaster County, PA

BUSHMAN, Martin Benjamin-1841

Martin Benjamin Bushman

LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, Andrew Jenson, Vol. 1, p.507-508
Bushman, Martin B., a prominent Elder in Lehi, Utah county, is the seventh child of Martin and Elizabeth Bushman, and was born Feb. 5, 1841, in Bart township, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. His parents were members of the Church when he was born. When he was one year old, his parents moved to Nauvoo, Ill., where he became acquainted with Joseph and Hyrum Smith and had the privilege of hearing these men of God preach, and he often sat upon their knees; and although he was but three years old, when he saw them last, so impressive was their personality upon his mind that he distinctly remembers them to-day, after the elapse of nearly sixty years. He went into the Nauvoo Temple in 1846 with his mother, and remembers vividly what he saw.

During the great exodus from Nauvoo in 1846, two of his sisters died. He was baptized May 5, 1849, at Council Bluffs, Iowa. In 1850 he received a patriarchal blessing, in which he was promised many glorious things, and he bears testimony that they have all been fulfilled to the very letter. He came to Utah in 1851, and in 1861 he was called on a short mission to go as a teamster to the Missouri river after poor immigrants.

At the age of 22 years he married Lucinda L. Goodwin, and later (March 21, 1867), he married Martha Worlton, as a plural wife. He suffered imprisonment for the practice of this principle in 1889, but he says he knows it is a divine principle. He is the father of 20 children, all of whom he is proud of.

March 21. 1863, he was ordained an Elder. He was ordained a Seventy Jan. 2, 1868, and on Nov. 10, 1889, he was set apart as a president in the 68th quorum of Seventy. For 24 years he served as a Sabbath school teacher in the Lehi Ward, and has also been otherwise active in Ward affairs. He has done much work for his departed relatives in the Temple, and his greatest desire is to see the Kingdom of [p.508] God spread upon the earth. In civil life he has held several positions in the city government.

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