James Holt Obituary in The Latter-day Saints’ Millennial Star, vol. 56, 1894

holt-james-b-1804-d-1894    holt-james-headstone-holts-ranch

Holt.– Teasdale, Wayne County, Utah, U. S. A., January 27, 1894, James Holt, nearly 90 years old. Deceased was born in North Carolina, U. S. A., February 10, 1804 He was baptized in 1839 and emigrated to Nauvoo in 1840 where he became intimately acquainted with the Prophet Joseph Smith. He was on a mission in Tennessee and preaching on the day the prophet was killed. He knew of it by the spirit of prophecy and at once returned home. He suffered all the hardships attendant on the removal from Nauvoo to Utah, settling in North Ogden in 1832. Ten years later he moved sooth and was living at the Mouth of Meadow Canyon at the time of his death.

Lund, Anthon, H. The Latter-Day Saints’ millennial star, Volume 56. Liverpool England 1894


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