Mary Ann Holt Barker b. 11 January 1840, Johnston City, Illinois

Barker, Mary Ann Holt b. 1840

Today is the birthday of my 2nd Great-grandmother, Mary Ann Pain/Payne Holt.  She was born 11 January 1840 in Johnston City, Williamson, Illinois.

Here are some memories of her from her granddaughter, Florence Elizabeth Smith (1899-1990):
I remember Grandma Barker very well. A very stern lady, with her hair pulled back so tight it almost stretched her face. But once when she was ill and stayed at our house I helped her wash her hair, and to my surprise it was beautiful–white and long and wavy. I visited with her in Pleasant View when I was quite young, and she let me help her paint the kitchen, making me feel very grown up and important. However, when she stayed with us, she was always so severe we were all a little frightened of her. I wish we had payed [sic] more attention when she reminisced about her experiences in crossing the plains; but, we were so used to hearing such stories we payed not attention. She was at our house when she died of a stroke on February 22, 1916.

Here is a short history about Mary Ann Holt Barker from the Daughters of Utah Pioneers:

Barker, Mary Ann Holt b. 1840 history

Ann Laemmlen Lewis < Grace Helen Smuin Laemmlen < Frank Smuin < Harriet Matilda Barker Smuin < Mary Ann Pain Holt Barker

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