“My Laws!” and a Vandalized Billboard –Eugenia and Eric Benjamin Lundquist

Lundquist, Eric Benjamin wedding 1903

Eric and Eugenia “Jean” Lundquist wedding day

The following biography of Eric and Eugenia Lundquist was written by a son Ebert M. Lundquist with sections written by another son, Eugene B. Lundquist. Edited including the addition of headlines by Wallace F. Gray. Editing is in brackets.

“My Laws”
The term, “My Laws,” came from the lips of Eugenia H. Lundquist, my loving and reverent mother. Where she got it is not known. This was her worst profanity. While raising six boys, keeping them fed and ironing their shirts, and considering all the trouble they got into, I’m sure she was tempted to use a more unrepeatable phrase. Perhaps, though, during all of her life, she was never exposed to anything worse. When she was dismayed, excited or upset, she would exclaim, “My Laws!”

My father [Eric Benjamin Lundquist] was a painter and wallpaper hanger. His business was “The Lundquist Decorating Co.” To advertise his business he erected a large billboard next to the highway going westbound out of the city of Smithfield, Utah, our home town. It read, “Lundquist Decorating Co., E. B. Lundquist , Wallpaper, Paints and Glass.” On a dark, night some vandals painted over the “W” and “paper” in Wallpaper, the “i” in Paints and the “Gl” in Glass. The result in dad’s big sign read “Lundquist Decorating Co., E, B, Lundquist, All Pants and ass.”

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