Eric Benjamin “Benny” Lundquist b. 28 December 1871, Delbeck, Sweden

Lundquist, Eric Benjamin b. 1871.

Biography of Eric Benjamin Lundquist

The following biography was written by Elsie Gladys Lundquist McNabb Saye on March 9, 2000. Elsie is the daughter of Emanuel Richard Lundquist, brother of Eric Benjamin Lundquist.

I had a short acquaintance with my father’s brother, Eric Benjamin, whom we called Uncle Benny, and his wife Jean, when I visited them after an illness while in my second year at high school.

I spent several months with them and their family of boys who lived in Smithfield, Utah. I enjoyed my visit with them because they were a happy, joyous family, busy and active in church.

Aunt Jean had a beautiful voice and was asked to sing often at funerals, church and other occasions such as plays and entertainments which were often originated by Aunt Jean. Seemed like they all were musical, and I was caught up in their enterprises and really enjoyed it.

I remember Eugene among the boys and kept in touch and when I became involved in genealogy later on for the Lundquist family, I found he too was following his line and we both helped each other.

I visited Eugene and family with my niece and husband, Grace and Arthur Laemmlen when I was in my 50s, and we both made up copies of the records he had on the Lundquist line. Engene visited us at one of our Lundquist family reunions which increased our desire to continue our research.


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