A Modern Miracle involving Edward F. Turley reported on 20 December 1897

Edward Franklin Turley b. 26 March 1869 is the son of Isaac Turley and Clara Ann Tolton.

Turley, Edward Franklin 1

Edward Franklin Turley

Deseret News, 1898-01-08, p. 7

Thousands of Latter-day Saints can testify to the fact that the power of God is manifest in our age in the beginning of the history of the Church, through signs and wonders following the believers in the Gospel. The healing of the sick and even the raising up of persons to all appearances dead have been witnessed. But the world is slow to accept the testimony because it is felt that its acceptance requires logically to admit the truth of the claims of Joseph the Prophet as to the divinity of his mission. The following article is a testimony from outside the Church, impartial and unimpeachable. It appears in the Zanesville, O. Daily Signal of December 20th under the caption “A Modern Miracle.” It relates to an event mentioned in a letter to the “Deseret News” and published among recent missionary correspondence, but it gives the remarkable occurrence in greater detail, and will be read with much interest. It is as follows:

“Mr. Matthew Gray of the Seventh ward is perhaps the happiest person in Zanesville today; so he seemed, at least, when seen at his pleasant Abington avenue home by a Signal representative at an early hour this morning.

“And too, there is nothing strange or remarkable about Mr. Gray’s happiness, though it was the result of one of the strangest and most remarkable faith tests ever enacted in this city; and the story of Mr. Gray’s miraculous cure of a relentless affliction will be read with much interest.

“In October, three years ago, Matthew Gray was stricken with paralysis the terrible disease affecting his entire left side. For a year to the month Mr. Gray was able to walk with the help of crutches, but during the following October, two years ago, he was the recipient of a second stroke of paralysis, and from that time until yesterday Mr. Gray had been deprived of all use of his left side, the entire left portion of his body being apparently dead, his left arm being limp and raised at this side and his left foot and leg was in the same inanimate condition.

“Such, in brief, has been Matthew Gray’s condition for more than three years, and two years of that time he has either sat helplessly in his large arm chair or has laid in bed seemingly waiting for the death angel to relieve him of his suffering.

“Last Thursday two visitors, peculiarly clad, knocked at the Gray homestead and were granted admission to the afflicted man’s chamber. These visitors were two Mormon Elders who have been in Zanesville for the past few weeks, and whose mission to the Clay city has been regarded with only passing interest. They have apparently contented themselves with the performance of the simple task of distributing tracts and making a house-to-house canvass of the city, in the interest of their peculiar and rather degenerate creed–Mormonism. In no instance, however, did either of the strange visitors intrude themselves upon any person or make themselves obnoxious. Be it said to their credit, they visited only where a welcome was extended them and where their earnest efforts bade fair to meet with some sort of success. To many homes they have been admitted out of curiosity; from some, doubtless, they have been barred, and in some instances doubtless they have been treated kindly. They came here for the mere purpose of performing a peculiar duty. The names of four of these disciples of polygamy are: Elder Fred J. Wadsworth of Taylor, Idaho; Elder J. E. Wilson Jr. of Logan, Utah; Elder Edward F. Turley of Colonia Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, and Elder E. F. Malan, Ogden.

“Now for the interesting part of the story, related to a Signal reporter by Mr. Gray himself, and given as near as possible in his own words:

“‘Last Friday these four Mormon Elders called at my home here. They were very genteel in appearance and actions and asked me if I would not let them cure me by faith. I consented and they impressed upon me very strongly that I should not have faith in them but should place all my faith in God as it was through Him and not them that my cure would be accomplished. This liberal statement on their part and their own sincerity aided me materially, for I always knew that God alone could cure me, and do you know, I have always thought that God would cure me.

“‘As I said before, I consented and they set Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock for the time of holding the meeting, and additionally stated that from then, Friday morning, until after the faith meeting they would not eat anything, as a period of fasting seemed necessary.
“‘Sunday afternoon, or yesterday afternoon at 2 o’clock the four Elders came here to my home and after repeatedly instructing me to put my faith in God they knelt at my bedside in prayer, my wife being the sixth occupant of the room.

“‘Following this first prayer, and while I was sitting here in my big arm chair, one of the Elders liberally anointed my head with oil–sacred oil–and after that was done they formed a circle around my chair, each one placing his right hand on my head and all placed their left hands on each other’s shoulders. I had perfect faith in all that they were doing, and, while each of the four Elders earnestly prayed, I, too, bent my head in reverance and appealed with all the faith at my command to God for deliverance from my affliction.

“‘Finally they concluded and one of the Elders commanded me to walk. All at once I became possessed of an almost superhuman desire to get up and walk and when I tried to, after my muscles quivered for a brief instant, I raised my left arm and then stood up. I took a step and found I could move my left leg. I took another step and walked out into the kitchen and back. After awhile I made the round trip to the kitchen again and while on the third trip, my left ankle turned slightly and I sat down.

“‘While I am profusely thankful to the four Elders for the interest that they manifested in my case, I want it distinctly understood that I look to God as my deliverer and not to them.’

“When seen by the Signal representative this morning, Mr. Gray was sitting in his big arm chair with his left foot in a bucket of hot water–a household remedy for sprains. To illustrate the extent of his cure the happy gentleman shook hands with the writer using first his right hand and next his left hand, and the latter member which for three years had remained dead almost at his side, contained a strong and hearty grip. Many times he raised his left arm above his head and waved it to and fro to illustrate the positive use he had of the member, and while relating the above experience he gesticulated as freely with his left arm as with the right. Many times he lifted the left foot from the water without any apparent effort and accompanied the pleasant movement with a smile almost glorious in its extent and meaning.

“Matthew Gray is a well known citizen of Zanesville. He was born and raised in Muskingum county and he and his good wife have reared a family of ten children, all but one of whom reside in the county. Mrs. Bert Poe, the estimable wife of the foreman of the Times Recorder press room, is a daughter and their four youngest children are attending the city schools.

“Mr. Gray entered the army in 1862 as a member of the New York Reserve artillery, and was later a member of the 159th regiment O. V. I. In 1864 he was honorably discharged from the regiment and entered the navy, remaining there a year. In 1866 he was married to Miss Sarah Straub of this city, who is yet a helpmate and who has cared faithfully for him during his three years of affliction.”


Deseret News, 1898-01-08, p. 28

The Power of the Priesthood

I received word last May to take a mission to the Northern States, to be ready and leave Salt Lake City, Utah, June 24th. I arrived in Chicago June 26th and received notification on the 29th to labor in Cincinnati, Ohio, under the direction of Elder David J. Davis. I arrived in Cincinnati on the morning of July 2, 1897, and labored in Cincinnati four an done half months, where I enjoyed my labors and made many friends.

During our conference on November 6, 7 and 8 Elders Lyman and Cowley of the Apostles’ quorum were with us and gave us some valuable instructions. The Saints were very kind to the Elders.

At our Priesthood meeting, November 9, I and companion, Joseph E. Wilson Jr., were assigned to labor in Zanesville, Ohio. A week later Elders Ernest F. Malin from Ogden City, Utah, and Frederick J. Wadsworth, Taylor Idaho, joined our ranks. We are stopping with two family who are members of the Church. We have many here earnestly investigating the precious truths.

Last Thursday while out tracting I met a lady very much opposed to us. Among other things, she said: “If you people have power to heal the sick as you claim, why don’t you heal this man next door who has been an invalid for twenty-nine months. He hasn’t been on his feet for that length of time.” I said to the person that the signs followed the believers today as much as anciently.

I called on this gentleman, Matthew Gray, who has been an invalid for twenty-nine months. I asked him if he had faith enough to believe that he could be healed by the power of God. “Yes,” said he. I told him we would be there on Sunday at 2 p.m. We called according to appointment. Less than three minutes after the administrating he commenced shaking. His whole frame shook. He commenced rising up in his chair. His wife then threw her arms around him and they both shouted: “Bless the Lord. The Savior has come. I know these are the servants of the Lord.” Father, mother and a grown daughter were so overjoyed that they wept. The man walked into the kitchen three times. For twenty-nine months his entire left side had been paralyzed. The three persons bore testimony that this was the first time their father had walked for twenty-nine months. This man receives $72 a month pension. His doctor’s charges are $1 per visit and fifty cents prescription. They have paid out hundreds of dollars to no purpose. Mrs. Gray says to me: “My own daughter will not believe me when I tell her that father has walked three times out into the kitchen and back to his room.”

Ten days ago a lady sent for me and my companion to administer to her. She was weeping when we entered the room. She had been nearly crazy for four days. After the administration the pains stopped and the lady told me last evening that she had no symptoms of a pain since.

The “Deseret News” is a welcome visitor.

Edward F. Turley
Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio, Dec. 20, 1897.

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