Caroline Owena Cook Silvey b. 19 Dec 1862, daughter of Mary Ann Turley

Cook, Caroline Owena b.1862

Caroline Owena Cook

The Theodore Turley Family Book, pp. 65-67

Caroline Owena Cook Silvey
Caroline Cook, daughter of Mary Ann Turley and John Cook met and married George Silvey in Ventura County, California February 22, 1890, this being the second marriage for Caroline. She was first married to Bernado A. Smith, July or August 1883 in Ventura, California. They were married only two years when Bernado was kicked in the head by a horse and died. There were no children from this union.

Cook, Caroline Owena with Bernardo Smith and George Silvey

Bernado A. Smith, Caroline Owena Cook, George W. Silvey

George Silvey was born October 10, 1852 in Sweetwater, Tennessee, but later moved to Kansas where he was raised. Caroline was born December 19, 1862 in Independence, California, She was the first white child born in Inyo County.

In 1875 Caroline’s family moved to Santa Paula, Calif. where she remained until she and George moved to Bishop, approximately 1898 or 1899. George Silvey was a stone mason by trade. He cut all the stones for the present Union Oil Museum Building located in Santa Paula. George died in Bishop in 1914. The rest of the family returned to Santa Paula in 1918.

Two of George and Caroline’s sons, George Alonzo and Henry Raymond served in the Army of World War I, There was much talent shown in this family, Raymond being a very good artist and Lonnie being a very good writer of poetry, although neither talent was ever furthered into a career.

Caroline died at her daughter’s home, Mrs. Leola Silvey Galbraith, on August 15, 1945.

Children of Caroline Cook and George W. Silvey:
George Alonzo Silvey. 1891-1967, m. Edith Robinson on July 28, 1921
James Owen Silvey, 1894, m. Margaret Eder in March, 1928
Henry Raymond Silvey, born 1897, m. Ivy Delano on May 29, 1921
Nettie Leola Silvey Galbraith. 1900-1970, m. Walter Lyman Galbraith on Dec. 29, 1921
Caroline Owena Silvey Bunting (Carrie), b. 1903, m. Charles Russell Bunting May 7, 1926
Effie Ellen Silvey Kempjter, 1906-1967, m. Bertram Kempster on January 2, 1925

Silvey, George A., James O., Henry R. 1919


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