Elsa Schafer 1912 Passport, 23 November 1917 Declaration of Intention, 1918 Alien Registration Card and Resident Permit

My Grandma Elsa Schaefer, who was born in Grossgartach, Germany in 1895, came by herself to America in 1912 when she was 17 years old.

One of the things I’m thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day is a brave young girl who had the courage to leave her family and come to America.  I wonder sometimes where I might be now if she had not come.  I am grateful to her for changing the course of many lives, including mine.Schaefer, Elsa 1912 Passport 2Schaefer, Elsa 1912 Passport

Five years later she filled out this Declaration of Intention.Schaefer, Elsa Declaration of Intention 1912,

Here is her 1918 Registration Card:

1918 Elsa Schafer Registration Card 11918 Elsa Schafer Registration Card 21918 Elsa Schafer Registration Card 3

And this is her Resident Permit:1918 Elsa Schafer Resident Permit (1)1918 Elsa Schafer Resident Permit (2)

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