Frances Amelia Turley, age 22, died in childbirth 1 November 1846 at Winter Quarters


Frances Amelia Turley
Born: 1 Jan 1825 to Theodore and Frances Amelia Kimberley Turley
Died: 1 Nov 1846 Winter Quarters, Douglas, Nebraska
Married: 24 Jan 1846 to Cyrus DANIEL(S) at Winter Quarters.

“Theodore’s oldest daughter who died in childbirth at the age of about 22, was always referred to as ‘a wonderful horsewoman.'” (From Letters from Dr. Joseph Soll Turley )

Once when the mob were stealing stock in Far West, Frances told her father to give her Old John and she climbed on him with a loaded blackwhip (handle loaded with buckshot.) She rode into the herd and got the stock and hit one of the mobbers with the blackwhip. She brought back the cows and the bull. Another time she took her father and his friends to a meeting in Nauvoo in a sleigh and on her return the buffalo robe blew up in front of the horse, causing him to run away. She jumped on the horse and brought it to a stop. A man who watched the procedure joked with Theodore and offered him a thousand dollars for Frances. Theodore was very indignant.


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