Priscilla Rebecca Turley Lyman d. 20 September 1904

Turley, Priscilla Lyman b. 1829 1

Our Pioneer Heritage, Vol. 4, p.463
Priscilla Turley was born June 1, 1829 in Toronto, Canada, the daughter of Theodore and Frances Kimberly Turley, early converts of the Mormon Church. She became the seventh wife of Amasa Lyman January 16, 1846, when she was sixteen years of age, and came to Utah with Brigham Young’s company of 1848. She went with her husband across the desert to San Bernardino in 1851. Two children were born to her in the little Mormon colony, Theodore and Ira and when Cornelia became ill while living there, Priscilla took care of her two sons, Lorenzo and Henry, along with her own. Set apart as a midwife she helped bring into the world many new lives. She was affectionately called “Mother Persillie.”

When the Saints returned to Utah in 1858 Priscilla went back to her former home in Fillmore, Millard county. Here four children were born to her, two dying in infancy. After her two eldest sons were married the family went to Idaho and there Lyman Town, situated between two forks of the Snake river, came into existence. When her eldest son’s wife died, Priscilla took the three motherless children into her heart and home. Her only daughter had married young and lived nearby. In 1886 Priscilla, with this part of the Lyman family, returned to California and established a home near San Bernardino. After the death of her daughter she helped with the rearing of her three little girls. Priscilla Turley Lyman was truly a pioneer. She passed away in Redlands September 20, 1904 and was buried in nearby Colton, California. -Priscilla Lyman Rice

Turley, Priscilla Lyman b. 1829 headstone


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