Anna Regina Schuhmann b. 8 September 1779, my 4th Great-Grandmother

Wackershofen (118)Today is the birth day of one of my ancestral grandmothers, Anna Regina Schuhmann.

Below is the 1779 birth entry (#27) for Anna Regina Schuhmann b. 8 September, christened 9 September 1779.  Her father is Johann Michael Schuhmann and her mother is Anna Barbara nee Rau.Schuhmann, Anna Regina birth entry 1779

Wackershofen (247)

Below is the 17 Dec 1801 marriage entry for Johann Leonhard Schott, son of Johann Michael Schott of Grossgartach  and step-son of his widow who is now married to Johann Heinrich Krieger.  Johann Leonhard is married to Anna Regina, daughter of Johann Michael Schuhmann of Grossgartach.Schuhmann, Anna Regina marriage entry 1801

Wackershofen (158)

Here are the death entries (# 43 and 44) for  Anna Regina Schuhmann b. 8 Sept 1779 and her stillborn daughter.   Anna Regina died  during the birth on the 8th of December between 1 and 2 in the morning.  She was 38 years, 3 months old.  Mother and daughter were buried on the 10th of December 1817.Schuhmann, Anna Regina death entry

Wackershofen (131)

This is the Family Register page for the Schott family.  You can see here that Johann Leonhard and Anna Regina had 8 children.  Three of their children were stillborn and one son died a week after his birth.  Four lived to adulthood.  My 3rd great grandfather, Johann Leonhard b. 1802 was the oldest.  Father Johann Leonhard Schott remarried a younger woman named Eva Jakobina Allinger in 1823 and they had 3 more children.

Schuhmann, Anna Regina family register

Wackershofen (135)

I took these photos at the Hohenloher Freiland Museum in Wackershofen.  This living museum is one of my favorite places (in the world) to visit (I could live there).  They have recreated a village of old historic homes and work places so you can see what day-to-day life would have been like during different periods of Germany’s history.

I love imagining what life may have been like for my ancestors.  The more I learn, the more I love them and look forward to meeting them someday.

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