Remembering Sarah Ann Turley b. 1883, d. 1883, Snowflake, Arizona

Sarah Ann Turley was the only daughter of Isaac Turley and Sarah Greenwood Turley.  Isaac and Sarah had 11 sons.  Sadly, Sarah Ann was born and died in 1883 in Snowflake.

There is no headstone still standing in the Snowflake Cemetery for Sarah Ann.

The Theodore Turley Family Book, p. 92

The United Order in Joseph City lasted only three or four years. Isaac came out with only part of that which he had put in, but with that, he was able to make a new start for himself in Snowflake, 45 miles away, where he moved with his families on May 7, 1881. There he bought three city lots: one for each family and one for a blacksmith shop. He bought a dry farm 22 miles away in the mountains and raised good crops of corn, wheat, etc., and herded their horses at Mormon Lake. He did blacksmithing, farming and stock raising during the five years they lived in Snowflake. He was Deputy Sheriff there, and the children attended public school. They built homes, planted gardens and orchards, and were happily situated during the time they were there.


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