Radley, Abingdon, England, Home of my Smuin Ancestors

Here are some photos of Radley and the Parish Church in Radley by Abingdon in England, where my Smuin ancestors are from. Many of my ancestors were christened, married, and buried in the churchyard here.

Mormon Missionaries came to Radley in the 1840s.  Many Smuin families living there joined the church and left Radley to gather to Zion.

Here is an aerial view of Radley today.  You can see where St. James the Great Church is.radley-google-earthradley-abingdon-map

Here are some old sketches of St. James the Great Parish Church:radley-parish-sketch-interiorradley-parish-sketch

And here is how it looks today:radley-parish-interior-1



Here is some more information about the church and a few photos I took when visiting there in 2003.

The parish church of St James the Great in Radley was built in 1290. It is a beautiful building with the original, and rare, wooden pillars still standing. In the Civil War a battle in and around the church led to the destruction of the north aisle and transept, giving a rather lop-sided feel to the church. There is a fine peal of bells and some interesting stained glass windows, many of which represent the connection with royalty established when the present rectory was a hunting lodge. The canopy over the pulpit came from over the Speaker’s Chair in the House of Commons during the Civil War.


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6 Responses to Radley, Abingdon, England, Home of my Smuin Ancestors

  1. Necia says:

    Hi Ann,
    Looks like were cousins. I am also descended from the Smuins, through Hannah Smuin Harvey. Thank you for posting this. I’d like to link it to my blog, Harvey Histories.blogspot.com.
    Necia Seamons

  2. Karen Phelps Bastow says:

    Hello Ann,
    I’m also a cousin (and a cousin of Necia’s as well!). Your article on Radley is superb! Have you considered posting these articles/photos directly on FamilySearch? Everything you have done is so valuable and I know descendants will be very interested. Some may not take the time or know how to access the links you posted. You have done such excellent work!

    Are you still serving a mission in Washington? I’m currently serving a Family History mission in London so am interested in discovering as much as I can while I’m here. I’ve almost zeroed in on where Daniel and Hannah Smuin Harvey lived in Islington. If you have any information on that, please let me know.

    Karen Phelps Bastow

  3. Nice to meet you, Karen!!
    I’ve been gathering histories, documents, stories and photos for years. I started this blog so I could bring them all together and post them where others can find them. I copy the text from each post from here to FS with the link back to this post. I’ve been doing it that way so I can include more than one photo for each story. Maybe you can advise me. When it’s about a place where many of our ancestors were born, it’s hard to attach the story to each ancestor (there are so many). Is there another place in FS I can add stories about places, or more general information?
    We will be in Yakima until July of this year. Then we return to our home in Orem, Utah. Where is your home? Please send me your email to annlewis@byu.net so we can stay connected. I’ll see if I have any more on Daniel and Harvey. Do you have the SMUIN BOOK that was compiled by Frank Smuin in Canada? I believe it’s online now. That’s where I found many of these histories.
    I’d love to know what you are discovering there on our Smuin family members! Thanks very much for contacting me! Ann

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