Jacob Bushman, b. 27 July 1830: Signature, Cattle Brand, and interesting facts about his life

Today is the birthday of Jacob Bushman, my 2nd Great-grandpa.  He is one of my heroes. Here are a few pieces of trivia about Grandpa Jacob:

Bushman, Jacob Portrait with glasses

Jacob had blue eyes and light brown hair.

He was born in Pennsylvania.

When he was 18, he went alone to Missouri, where he worked until the Spring of 1851.

When he was a teenager, he worked on the Nauvoo Temple every 10th day.

His reputation for reliability made him a preferred teamster and farm hand.

His youngest brother, Elias Albert, was born when he was 19.

Jacob crossed the plains at age 20.

During the trek West, Jacob did not remain with the family, but drove a four yoke ox team across the plains for Henry Kearns, in the Isaac Allred Company, which reached Utah a month before the Kelsey Company with which the rest of the family came.

In the Spring of 1852, he drove a baggage wagon to Carson Valley, Nevada, for Major Hollman, the Indian agent.

He worked for Theodore Turley in San Bernardino in 1855.

He was about 6 feet tall and he weighed about 175 pounds.

Jacob was near-sighted.

He married Charlotte Turley in 1857 in California.  They had 10 children.

In 1871 went on a four month mission to Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana.

In 1884 he and his family were Pioneers to St. Johns Arizona for 4 years.

Jacob loved farming, and was active in his garden.

Jacob’s signature:
Bushman, Jacob

Jacob’s cattle brand:Bushman, Jacob cattle brand 1900.Bushman, Jacob cattle brand 1900

Here is Jacob’s home in Fairview as it stands today:Bushman, Jacob and Charlotte home and ranch Fairview, Utah Aug 2008 (51)

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