Theodore Turley Pays Tithing in Nauvoo

In the Church History Library in Salt Lake City, I found a fascinating record book of the Tithing paid in Nauvoo in 1842-1845 while the Nauvoo Temple was being built.  Theodore Turley was among those mentioned in that record.  His tithing offerings included the following:

25 July 1843   Labor per Tarlton Lewis  $.50

29 July 1843  Labor for Andrew Cahoon  $.88

23 Aug. 1843  Labor by Wm. Pleyer  $1.00

18 Sept 1843  Labor for W. Cleonce Chapman  $.50

20 Sept 1843  Labor for Wm. H. Cahoon  $.50

24 Jan 1844   repg gun spring for W. H. Cahoon  $.50

29 Feb 1844  Labor by Willian Huntington Senior  $3.17

24 May 1844  1 Sorril mare  $35.00

26 Nov 1844  2 Hogs value $1.25 cts. Each  $2.50

25 Jan 1845  Labor by D. Cahoon & F. B. butter  $3.00

15 Feb 1845  Bill for spurs, gun & repg. Rifle  A. Butter  $9.00

Sorrel Mare TT

A Sorrel Mare
Some definitions list sorrel as a self color, used to describe only horses whose mane, tail, and legs are the same color as the rest of the coat, with the exception of white markings. Other definitions are broader and include reddish-brown horses with flaxen manes and tails.

And 2 Hogs
Hogs TT.jpg


Nauvoo Tithing Records
Tithing Day Book, Book B
C4642 356 numbered pages
begins Nauvoo, December 21, 1842
approx. 15″ by 6″, 1.5″ thick, leather bound

Nauvoo Tithing Records
Tithing Day Book, Book C
C4748 un-numbered after page 46 or so, (approx 350 pages)
begins Nauvoo, 17 August 1844, ends 1 August 1845
approx. 15″ by 6″, 1.5″ thick, leather bound

You can read more about my experiences with these tithing records here:

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