Isaac Marion Turley, son of Isaac and Sarah Greenwood Turley, died 17 July 1876 in Beaver at age 14

Here is an image of the 1870 census where Isaac and Sarah Turley are listed with their children.  Sarah was 29, Isaac M. was 8, Theodore was 6, William H. was 4, and Alma R. was 0.  Isaac age 31 and his second wife, Clara age 18 were also listed with their son, Edward F. age 1.

Isaac Turley’s first son, Isaac Marion, died on 17 July 1786 at age 14.  We have no record of what caused his death or where he is buried.  The family was living in Beaver, Utah.

Turley, Isaac Marion age 8 in 1879 census.jpg

From an article in the Theodore Turley Family Newsletter, 1976 written by Olive K. Turley.

Sarah married Isaac Turley 11 March, 1861. She had black hair, blue eyes, and a swarthy skin. She was very industrious. She knitted a carpet of rags for their home, with much help as her mother could spare from her own household labors.

Isaac and Sarah had two sons born in Minersville, Beaver County, Utah, then six sons born in Beaver City. In early 1877 the family was called to settle in the Salt River Valley of Arizona in the company of Daniel Jones which founded Lehi, near Mesa. They arrived at Hayden Ferry in July of 1877.

Sarah was a large woman, weighing 240 pounds, and the Arizona heat, living in a covered wagon without trees to shade it, was more than she could take. The story is that neighbor women wet sheets to put over Sarah to try to alleviate her suffering. Isaac returned to Beaver, Utah in September, 1877 and made a trip to Salt Lake City to confer with President John Taylor. He [Isaac] was released from the Jones Camp and allowed to go to St. Joseph (now Joseph City) on the Little Colorado in northern Arizona. The family stayed here until 7 May, 1881, when they moved to Snowflake. One son, George Albert, was born in St. Joseph.


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