James Holt scares the Indians with a case of smallpox!

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From James Holt’s History:

There was another alarm of Indians when we were in a very unsafe place as the Indians in that part of the country were a very bloodthirsty set. It occurred on us one evening as we had camped. In the distance we saw a lone horseman making his way toward us. We soon found it to be an Indian so the doctor thought he would use a little strategy to frighten him away for he had no doubt but what he was sent for a spy.

There was a boy in the camp, one of brother Lewis’s sons, who had a very freckled face. The doctor had him get in the wagon as quickly as possible, he then put a little flour on the boy’s face, and put him in bed between two sheets. He looked almost like a corpse. The Indian came up and the doctor told him we had small pox in that wagon. The Indian took one look at the boy and struck out for the plains for dear life. He thought sure the boy has small pox, and they were afraid to death of the disease. The doctor gained his point and we never saw the Indian after that for two or three weeks.

We never had trouble with Indians while we were upon our journey. We had nothing serious occur any further but it was a serious journey. Many times we had to travel way into the night and sometimes all night to reach water.


James Holt b. 1804

Collection Overview
Title: Holt, James
Dates: 1881 (inclusive)
Collection Number: UU_Ms0412
Summary: The James Holt Papers (1881) consist of a biographical sketch of Holt titled “Life of James Holt: Early Pioneer.” This is not a journal account, but rather Holt’s recollection of life events written in 1881 when he was 77 years of age. James Holt (1804-1894) was an early member of the LDS Church who settled in southern Utah.
Repository: J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah
Address: J. Willard Marriott Library Special Collections 295 South 1500 East Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-0860 (801) 581-8864


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