Mary Ann Turley Cook, b. 13 July 1827, Toronto

Turley, Mary Ann

This information was in a letter  written by Joseph Ingersoll Turley to descendants of Theodore Turley from Tujunga, California, on August 4, 1971, and was read to a Turley Family Reunion by Lawrence Turley in the summer of 1971. Joseph Soll Turley is the grandson of Theodore Turley and Ruth Jane Giles and the son of Jacob Omner and Louisa Woodhouse Turley

His second daughter, Marianne [Mary Ann of Theodore Turley and Frances Amelia Kimberley], was the smallest of all the Turleys that I know of, and from the picture that I have taken in her later years, was hollow-chested and almost a hunchback, but she had more of her father’s courage and independence than any of his descendants that I know of. . . . [Mary Ann married] John Cook at their camp at the forks of Lydle Creek near San Bernardino while they were waiting to get possession of the Lugo Spanish Land Grant for their permanent home.[His second daughter, Marianne], was left a widow with one son, Henry, a splendid man whom I had the pleasure of knowing in his later years. He built and owned a white stucco apartment house [in] the West Adams S.W. District in Los Angeles and had two sons, William, and Walter who raised Lima Beans on the famous Irvine Ranch southeast of Santa Ana, the county seat of Orange County and later moved to Santa Ana, went into the real estate business and prospered. William is still living in retirement with a daughter about 38 miles north of Los Angeles; he is now; close to 90 years of age. His brother Walter was the father of Leona Clapp who has written to you from her home in Coronado across the bay from San Diego. She [antecedent unclear] sent me a clipping from the Santa Paula paper on her death telling about how hard she had to work to make a living for her sons and three daughters but found time to knit sweaters and make other warm garments for people she considered poorer than herself. And it added that “the world will not soon see her like again.”


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