Joseph Orson Turley b. 12 July 1845, Nauvoo

turley-joseph-orson-b-1845   lightner-elizabeth-1-m-turley-b-1849

Joseph Orson Turley was the son of Ruth Jane Giles.  He was born in Nauvoo 12 July 1845.  He was later adopted by Theodore Turley.  On 13 December 1865 Joseph married Elizabeth Lightner in Beaver, Utah.  They had 8 children:

Elsie Elizabeth Turley (1866-1948)
Mary Jane Turley (1869-1944)
George Orson Turley (1872-1872)
Ruthella “Ruth” Turley (1875-1934)
Bertha Caroline “Aunt B” Turley (1877-1936)
Ernst Warren Turley (1880-1882)
Lester Joseph Turley (1883-1956)
Louise E. Turley 1885-1964)

Joseph [Adopted Son of Theodore Turley and Ruth Jane Giles] 
from a letter written to descendants of Theodore Turley from Tujunga, California, on August 4, 1971, and was read to a Turley Family Reunion by Lawrence Turley in the summer of 1971. Joseph Soll Turley is the grandson of Theodore Turley and Ruth Jane Giles and the son of Jacob Omner and Louisa Woodhouse Turley 

Ruth Jane Giles had one five-year old son, Joseph, which he [Theodore Turley] adopted. Joseph remained loyal to the faith all his life and though he came back to Colton, three miles from San Bernardino in 1875 and later moved to Los Angeles, he went back to Utah to die. He had five daughters and one son, Lester, who became chief electrical engineer of the Los Angeles Street Railways System. His oldest daughter, Elsie, married a mining engineer who became State Senator. She had one 6′ 6″ son who became a Los Angeles policeman and another son who remained in Utah. His daughter Ruth was a beautiful blonde with hair that reached below her knees, but became a cripple when she was about grown. The streetcar in San Bernardino started up too soon and she fell to the pavement and always walked with a limp thereafter. She had a beautiful disposition and was well-liked by everybody. His youngest daughter, Louise, married an engineer and went to Miami, Florida before World War I and rode back. The climate down there was so hot and humid, so debilitating that if you dropped a handkerchief you didn’t have energy enough to bend over and pick it up.

Joseph Orson Turley is buried in the Provo, Utah Cemetery.turley-joseph-orson-d-1916-headstone


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  1. Susan Ethington says:

    Ann, Thank you for honoring his birthday!

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