Vora Vivian and Ora Nivian Anderson b. 5 July 1906, Fairview Utah

Barker and Anderson Cousins
Barker and Anderson Cousins

The Theodore Turley Family Book, p. 514
Ora Nivian Anderson Dixon

Ora was born in the lovely little community of Fairview, Utah on July 5, 1906. She and her twin sister Vora Vivian were the second and third child of Archibald Robert and Ida Roxanna Bushman Anderson, well-respected citizens and leaders of the community. Her father was a wool grower and banker.

Bushman, Jacob extended family.jpg

The girls attended school in Fairview until Vora was stricken with rheumatic fever and died at age 10. The twins had been very close, and the loss of her sister was deeply felt by Ora.. When it came time to go to high school, Ora went to Salt Lake City to live with an aunt because the transportation to the nearest school was very poor. In 1925 she graduated from L.D.S. High School, Ora had looked forward to joining her brother A.J. at the BYU. She became very active in school affairs and thoroughly enjoyed college life.

While at the University, she met Paul Smoot Dixon, a young man who had recently returned from the Eastern States Mission and who had a real zest for life. They fell in love and were married June 6, 1929 in the Salt Lake Temple following both of their graduations. With other members of their graduating class, they went east so Paul could do graduate work at New York University. Ora’s major field of study had been Foods and Nutrition so it was natural for her to pursue the field as a dietitian for a chain of New York restaurants. When her first child, Paul Jr., was born, Ora. retired to make her home her career. Another child, Vivian, was born during the eighteen very happy years they lived In the East.

In 1945 a fine offer to become comptroller of KSL Radio in Salt Lake City came to Paul and because they had always thought they would return to Utah, they were on their way in a matter of a few days. They left reluctantly for their years in New York had been such happy ones with so many wonderful friends. Shortly after arriving in Utah, Ora gave birth to Margaret Electa.

Ten years after moving to Salt Lake, Paul died of cancer, climaxing a wonderfully full yet short life (49 years). He was loved by so many friends, family and business associates. He was a happy vivacious man that the family, especially his sweet wife, would miss greatly.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ has always meant a great deal to Paul and Ora; and they have always been actively involved in its service. Ora has worked mainly as a teacher and leader in Relief Society and Primary on ward and stake basis both. She has always been interested in genealogical research and has done overwhelming amounts of work in this area. She is a wonderful homemaker, cook, and a gracious hostess. It is a pleasure to be a guest in the Dixon home.

Nineteen years have passed since her husband’s death and Ora has been a real example to her family of a lovely mother and grandmother. She has been so generous with her time and talents in helping her children, serving in the Church, pursuing her genealogical interests and being a good friend. She has five grandchildren who love her very much!

Children of Ora Anderson and Paul Smoot Dixon:
Paul Smoot Dixon, Jr.
Vivian Dixon McKay
Margaret Electa Dixon


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