Mary Ann Peterson Bushman d. 5 July 1885, St. Joseph, AZ

bushman-mary-ann-peterson-obitIn his later years, John Bushman compiled his history from all of his personal journals, writing in third person, he recorded this about his wife, Mary’s death on July 5, 1885:

Sunday July 4th took Mary and Lois & the children, out for a little ride.  Mary is very feeble and weak, and very restless.  On Sunday July 5th his wife Mary Ann Peterson Bushman breathed her last, at 4:20 A.M.  His wife hid her reason to her last hour and seemed prepared to make the change, and expressed some anxiety about her children and wished her husband to stay close to her in her last moments.  A few minutes before she passed away, he alone Anointed her with holy oil and prayed the father that she might go in peace, which was granted, for she passed the portals of death very easy.  He notified Lois and she came in time to see her breathe her last.  He called her dear friend Eliza Tanner who came in soon after.  

Her three little children:  Lillian Ann, Maren Adele, and John Lehi, were all too young to mourn their mothers death.  Brother John McLaws made a nice coffin from the native pine.  S. M. Porter & Martin Martinson dug the grave.  The funeral services was held at 6 P.M. 5th.  All the village were present.  The speakers were S. C. Ladd, C. M. Peterson, H. M. Tanner, J. C. Hansen, J. H. Richards.  All spoke of her exemplary life, as a saint, wife, mother and that she was better prepared to go than any of them.  She was buried at Sundown.  Bishop Richards dedicated the grave.  The last prayer.  Her husband had witnessed the death of his father, and mother, and 3 of his children pass away and many dear friends, but this was far the sadest on account of her 3 helpless little children left without a mother.  But he felt to acknowledge the hand of the Lord in all things, and thanked him for the knowledge of the glorious Gospel, and the principle of Plural or celestial marriage, which he had the provilege of practicing with joy.  

He wrote to their relatives in Utah, informing them of her death, For the noble children he had blessed them with.  He believes from his impressions, that, Mary meets her father in the spirit world, and her daughter; also his father and mother and other relatives and that she had great joy.

Bushman, John with Mary Ann    bushman-mary-ann-peterson-d-1885-st-joseph

Nettie Hung Rencher writes of Mary Ann P. Bushman:
“First I remember what a pretty woman she was, with blue eyes and light hair, that she combed and braided every morning before we left camp. It seems like every time I looked at her she was smiling. I have thought it so sweet of the first wife to let her child, Lois, go with Mary, the second wife, to be a comfort for her on the way after they arrived in this lonely land. But one morning a look of terror was in her eyes and later thankful tears. Little girls wore pretty long dresses then, and Lois turned around with her back to the fire, her dress fell right on the hot coals and in a moment her dress was blazing. She ran screaming. Her father and mine were near. They ran after her as she dodged between the wagons. My father had on one of his buckskin gloves which he always wore when he drove, and he was just ready to leave camp, so it was only a few moments until he had the blaze put out with his gloved hand. Since, I have known what thoughts were going through Mary’s mind, of how terrible she would have felt if anything really bad had happened to Lois, when she was in a way entrusted to her care. I have often thought it was so sad that she must die so young and so far from her own dear ones.”


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