Sarah Ann Bushman Rhodes died 100 years ago today

Rhodes, Sarah Ann Bushman

Bushman Family History by Newbern I. Butt, p. 54-56:
Sarah was nine years old when the family made the first long trek from Lancaster County Penn. to Nauvoo, and was thirteen when they left Nauvoo for Western Iowa. Therefore she was thoroughly drafted into domestic duties while she should have been in school. The hard work under improvised conditions gave her a domestic maturity, frugality and ability as a good manager which she could have secured in no other way. From her mother she learned the fundamentals of nursing and sympathy which aided in making her the “good Samaritan” of the pioneer communities in which she lived. To help relieve the poverty conditions in which the family were living in Western Iowa, she taught school at Highland Grove in 1850-51, and during the summer of 1850 when she was only 17 years old she went to Missouri to earn what she could as a domestic servant.

These experiences undoubtedly gave her the thoughtfulness for the welfare of others which made her such an ideal friend and hostess of young and old alike. She was popular with the young men, but happened to make the 1000 mile trip across the plains in the same company as a young married man who gained her love, and to whom she was married the year after their arrival in Lehi.

Her husband provided her with a separate home south of Lehi, but they were later forced by danger from Indians to move inside the Fort in a house which was part of the East Wall. After the danger was over, she lived in two other adobe homes built by her husband, the second one East of Lehi where she could help raise her own garden, fruit and livestock for a family of 12. She was a widow for twelve years, and at her death, June 18, 1917, she had 80 grandchildren, 112 great grandchildren and 2 great-great grandchildren.

Sarah was married May 25, 1852 in Salt Lake City, by President Brigham Young, to Alonzo Daniel Rhodes, son of Erie and Eunice Wright Rhodes. He was born 12 September 1825 at Fowler, Trunbull County, Ohio. While in Nauvoo, Alonzo was a drummer in the Nauvoo Legion, and he knew the Prophet Joseph Smith as well.

In Lehi he was one of the well-known violinists who played for dances. In 1854 he served in the Tintic Indian War and 1857 in the Echo Canyon War. Late in 1856 he was one of the men who went to help rescue the unfortunate Handcart company where so many perished.

He was police of the Lehi Fort in 1853, and was elected Marshall of the town from 1854 to 1871 when he resigned to devote his whole time to farming and other duties. He, with others, financed and constructed the first toll bridge over the Jordan River west of Lehi and built some of the more important canals and roads in the neighborhood. He was arrested in a polygamy raid at Lehi, Dec., 23, 1888.Rhodes, Martin, John Franklin, Marcellus, front Alonzo, Sarah Ann BushmanMartin Elmer, John Franklin “Frank,” Marcellus Albert Rhodes. Front row: Alonzo Donnell and Sarah Ann Bushman Rhodes</

Alonzo Donnell’s death occurred at Lehi, 8 July, 1893. Their children were all born in Lehi:

Alonzo Daniel, b. 17 April 1853; m. Harriet Elizabeth Stewart
Elizabeth Emira, b. 10 April 1855; d. 6 Nov 1885; m. Jos. Simpson Barnes
Sarah Ann, b. 4 March 1857; d. 4 Feb 1844; m. Shadrick Empey
Martin Elmer, b. 8 February 1859; d. 21 Nov 1928; m. Louisa Elizabeth Childs
Alva Benjamin, b. 25 February 1861; d. 8 Dec 1862
John Franklyn, b. 12 April 1863; d. 7 April 1944; m. Mary Elizabeth Ashton
Elsie Maria, b. 12 March 1865; m. George Briggs
Lois Liddelia, b. 6 August 1867; m. 1. Joseph Briggs; m. 2. A. Amundres
Marcellus Albert, b. 6 August 1869; m. Amanda Hodge
Bertha Salome, b. 27 October 1872; m. Wm. Henry Neibaur
Lorena, b. 9 September 1875; m. John M. Smith
Jacob Wilson, b. 24 May 1881; d. 25 May 1883

Alonzo had married 1st, 14 September 1843, Barbara Kearns, daughter of Henry Kearns and Barbara Pickle, by whom he had:
Lamyra Amanda, b.23 December 1844
Julia Ann, b. 29 September 1846
Henry Erie, b. 4 September 1848
Alverana Barbara, b. 20 August 1851; m. Hyland D. Wilcox
Ellen Marie, b. 8 July 1853; m. Jacob Nelson
Adeline Malissa, b. 11 October 1855; m. Mathias Peterson
Sarah Lavina, b. 8 March 1857; m. Henry Houre
Clarissa Elizabeth, b. 2 September 1859
Rosa Bell, b. 21 December 1861; m. Theodore Green Lagrand, b. 13 May 1863

Alonzo married 3rd, Sarah Jane Lawrence, daughter of John Lawrence and Rhoda Sanford. By this marriage the following children were born:
John, b. 30 April 1859
Daniel R., b. 30 August 1860; m. Beula Adams
Rhoda, b. 6 April 1862; d. 23 July 1864
Olive, b. 12 March 1864; m. Henry White
Henry, b. 11 July 1866
Amos, b. 24 December 1869; m. Susan Ann Riley
Elberta, b. 5 October 1874; d. 26 February 1881

Bushman, Jacob, John, Martin B., Sarah, Elias Albert
Jacob Bushman, John Bushman, Sarah Rhodes, Martin Benjamin Bushman, and Elias Albert Bushman

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