Daniel Harvey b. 29 May 1830, Husband of Hannah Smuin

harvey-daniel-and-hannah-smuinDaniel Harvey was born in Stanford, England 29 May 1830, son of John Harvey who was born in Prettiwell, Essex, England, in 1780 and Elizabeth Eastwood, born 1800 in Stanford, England.

Daniel’s brothers and sisters were James, Golden, Sarah, Jemima Ann, William, Abraham, John and Daniel, twins, David and Ann. Not all grew to maturity.

Little is know of Daniel’s early life except that he went to London as a young man where he was employed peddling milk for a dairy. Here in London he met Hannah Smuin and they were married May 21, 1854. The first three of Daniel and Hannah’s children were born in London, Ann, June 21 1856, James, November 1, 1858 and Daniel, November 21, 1860.

After Mormon missionaries took the faith to Great Britain, church membership grew rapidly and Daniel and Hannah joined the Mormon Church in 1857. With an eager desire to emigrate to the Mormon colony in Utah it was not until 1863 with the aid of Brigham Young’s emigration fund and the money they had saved were the Harveys able to begin their long journey.

Daniel and Hannah with their three children and escorting four nieces sailed from London on the S.S. Amazon on June 4, 1863 and arrived in New York July 18, 1863. The family was accompanied by, Matilda 21, Rachel 19, daughters of Hannah’s brother, Thomas and also Hannah 20, and Naomi 12, Brandon, daughters of Hannah’s sister Mary who had died in 1857.

Leaving New York by train in uncomfortable railway cars the Mormon emigrants traveled to Florence, Nebraska, to begin their long trek to Utah. Here the new-comers were met by men and ox teams to aid the travelers. Divided into companies the Harveys were assigned to Rosel Hyde’s company who was a very experienced leader having made the crossing to Utah in 1849.

There were 300 in each of the last two companies to leave Nebraska in 1863. The ox teams were used to carry supplies and the belongings of the new arrivals. Those who were unable or unfit to walk rode in the wagons, all others trod some 1400 miles to their destination.

Arriving in Utah October 13, 1863 the Harveys were encouraged to settle in Kaysville by Rosel Hyde who had settled there in 1853. Being so late in the year they arrived there to find it cold and some snow on the ground. There was no house available to shelter this large family so a place was dug out of a hill side and made as comfortable as possible and here they lived their first winter in the Land of Zion.

During the long winter plans were made for a permanent home on higher land near the mountains. Spring came and logs for the house were felled and skidded by oxen to the site of the building. At the same time ground was prepared for the crops, so necessary for survival in this harsh land. After their arrival in Kaysville four children were added to the family. Susannah, born 29 July 1865; Mary, 8 January 1868; Martha, 30 March 1870 and Mercy, born in 1871 and died in 1872.

After settling in Kaysville two more family members of the church came to Kaysville to be with their Aunt Hannah Harvey. They were Ellen and Emma Wootten, daughters of Hannah’s sister Ruth and William Wootten. Emma married James Kirkham and went to live in Lehi, Utah and Ellen married her uncle (by marriage) Daniel Harvey. She was 18 years old, Daniel, 38. Daniel and Ellen had one son, George, born January 8, 1870.

Daniel married Ellen Wootten December 1, 1868 and Ann Cadmor Gilbert November 11, 1872. With the end of the era of polygamy in Utah, Daniel Harvey of Kaysville was arrested for unlawful cohabitation along with three other men. From the records of the Church Chronology, they were sentenced on Thursday August 29, 1887 in the 3rd District Court, Salt Lake City, by Judge Zane to six months imprisonment for unlawful cohabitation and fines also imposed. Daniel Harvey was discharged from the penitentiary Wednesday, April 4, 1888.

Daniel married Ellen in good faith by the laws of the church and felt an obligation to her. In these circumstances the first wife was the only relationship the law now recognized and Ellen and her son, George moved to Cedar Fort, Utah.

As time passed Daniel’s physical and mental health deteriorated and Daniel was placed in a mental hospital. His second wife Ellen, not satisfied the hospital was the place for Daniel had him released from the hospital in Provo and they cared for him the rest of his life.

Daniel died in Lehi, Utah, September 15, 1899 and was buried in Kaysville.

The Life Sketch about Hannah (Smuin) Harvey has been abridged from articles of family history written by Marie Garner Morgan and Mary Harvey Whitesides. Information about Daniel Harvey was written by Myrtle Service with additions by Selma Harvey Watts.


Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah, p.923
HARVEY, DANIEL (son of John Harvey, born 1780, Prittywell, Essex, and Elizabeth Eastwood born 1800, Stanford, Eng.). Born May 29, 1830, Stanford. Came to Utah Oct. 13, 1863, Rosel Hyde company.

Married Hannah Smuin (daughter of Joseph Smuin), who was born Sept. 28, 1836. Came to Utah with husband in 1863. Their children: Annie b. June 21, 1856, m. Limon S. Conley; James Smuin b. Nov. 1, 1858, m. Mary Rosworth Feb. 2, 1898; Daniel Jr. b. Nov. 21, 1860, m. Olive Welker Nov. 2, 1896; Susannah b. June 9, 1865, m. J. H. Morgan Nov. 7, 1885; Mary b. Jan. 8, 1868, m. E. M. Whitesides 1892; Martha b. March 30, 1870, m. J. H. Hutchens 1893.

Married Ellen Wooten Dec. 17, 1868, Salt Lake City (daughter of William Wooten and Ruth Smuin, married at Eatonbray, Bedfordshire, Eng.). She was born Nov. 1, 1843, Eatonbray. Their children: George W. b. Jan. 8, 1870, m. Mary Baker May, 1896. Families resided at Kaysville, Utah. Ordained seventy 1875. Died Sept. 15, 1899.

Obituary of Daniel Harvey; Davis County Clipper, 22 September 1899
Daniel Harvey passed away, after a lingering illness of over a year, at the home of his son George at Lehi, Utah county, and was brought to Kaysville for burial. The funeral services were held at the meeting house on Monday at 11 a.m. He was born in London, England, but resided in Kaysville from shortly after he arrived in Utah, which was November, 1863 to November 27, 1896, when he went to Lehi to live. He was sixty-six years old last May. He was the father of seven children; six are now living


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