Martin Bushman and Elizabeth Degen Family Bibles

On the 10 of May in 1840, Martin and Elizabeth Bushman were baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Below are photographs of their Bibles.  As you can see, they were well-used, and well-loved.  No doubt what they learned in these pages prepared them to accept the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ when he and Elizabeth were 38 years old.

They were taught by LDS missionaries, Elisha H. Davis and Henry Dean, in Lancaster County, PA in 1840.  Martin and Elizabeth were baptized 10 May 1840. These missionaries are not forgotten in our family.  You can read more about them here:

Here is a short history found in  Our Pioneer Heritage, Vol. 6, p.486:
Elizabeth was married to Martin Bushman in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1827. He was the son of Abraham and Esther Banks Bushman. They made their home in Lancaster until 1840 and during the years seven children were born to them. That year the Mormon missionaries came to their home and brought the gospel to them. Feeling their teachings were from the Lord they accepted them and soon moved with other Saints to Nauvoo, Illinois. After the exodus of the Mormons from that city the Bushmans went to Hiland [sic] Grove, Ohio and here they planted crops and stayed a number of years. In the fore part of 1851 they arrived in Salt Lake City.


Degen Bible Elizabeth Degen's name

Elizabeth Degen Bible

degen bible2front pages

Elizabeth Degen Bible

degen bible3outside cover

Elizabeth Degen Bible

degen bible4genealogy page

Elizabeth Degen Bible

Elizabeth Degen Bushman

Degen, Elizabeth portrait


Martin Bushman

Bushman, Martin 1802


Bushman,   Martin Bible 1833

Martin Bushman Family Bible

Bushman, Martin Bible (1)Bushman, Martin Bible (2)Bushman, Martin Bible (3)Bushman, Martin Bible


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