Ann John Lewis d. 10 May 1850, Cardiff, Wales

In 1834 Ann John married John A. Lewis in Cardiff, Wales.  John and Ann are the 2nd Great-grandparents of my husband, John Lewis.  This stone is a memorial to her and 3 of her children who died in Cardiff.  This stone was removed when a sidewalk was placed over the ground where it stood.lewis-ann-headstone-in-st-johns-cardiff-wales

Ann Lewis Headstone

St John’s, Cardiff, Wales (now under a sidewalk)
Headstone of Ann John and 2 of her children Location:
St. John’s cathedral cemetery, Cardiff, Wales

In Memory of

The Children of JOHN and ANN LEWIS

of this Town:

Frederick died Oct. 21st. 1838 Aged 1 year

Amelia died Nov. 18th  1847 Aged 33 years.

Lewis died an infant.

The said ANN LEWIS died May 10th

1850:  Aged 33 years.

Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord

Lewis, John A. (2)

John A. Lewis was a rock mason by trade and a master builder. He with his brother built the Cardiff docks. He was educated as a Weselyn minister. He did not hear of Mormonism until after his second marriage in Wales to Mrs. Priscilla Merriman Phillips in 1851.

Mrs. Merrimen was the daughter of Joseph and Mary Merriman and was born February 22, 1811. She had a little daughter Louise (Pace) and her dead sister’s daughter, Caroline Matthews (Aunt Caroline Pace) when she married John A. Lewis. He welcomed them all into his home.

He studied the gospel carefully for two years and then embraced it. He left Cardiff by train for Liverpool, England, January 22, 1854. Here he secured first class passage for his entire family on the ship, “Golconda” and set sail for the United States January 25, 1854. They arrived at New Orleans March 16th, being seven weeks on the water. It was a sailing vessel and some days the high winds would drive them back farther than they had progressed the previous day. After a short stay in New Orleans John A. Lewis secured first class passage on the boat “John Simmons”, and sailed up the Mississippi River to St. Louis. They were delayed for awhile for the boat was stranded on a sand bar. Upon arriving they were taken from the boat in vehicles to McFees Camp Ground on the outskirts of St. Louis where the saints were camped preparing to go to Utah.

After about three months of preparation and delay they departed from St. Louis and started on their journey across the plains in the Darwin Richardson Company. They arrived in Salt Lake City September 30, 1854.

They first settled in Brigham City until Johnston’s Army came and then they moved to Spanish Fork.


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