Patriarchal Blessing of Elizabeth Degen Bushman

Degen, Elizabeth portrait

Patriarchal Blessing of Elizabeth Degen Bushman
Pronounced by Patriarch Hyrum Smith
12 March 1843, Nauvoo, Illinois

Sister Elizabeth, I lay my hands upon your head and in the name of and by the authority given me of Jesus Christ and by the power given me of the holy Priesthood to place a sealing blessing upon your head even to seal you to everlasting life, from henceforth that your heart may be comforted with an assurance that let what will happen your name is registered in the lamb’s book of life, and these are the things which you desired to know whether you would be saved, therefore this is thy promise which I seal upon your head for God hath seen the honesty of your heart and hath blessed you according to your integrity and this shall be your witness that when these words shall be read, or you shall read them your heart shall swell with gratitude to God and joy shall spring up in your heart which shall be to you a comforter to you in all your days of probation, it shall be with you as a second comforter as in the testimony of John, which is the promise of eternal life and as to the blessings of your inheritance your house and habitation, fields flocks and herds and the benefits of the Priesthood by which the knowledge of God is obtained in the order of the kingdom of God, shall be in common with your husband, even unto the seal of the covenant, which you have made to be continued in your everlasting inheritance and a crown celestial shall be given in the mansions of your father, and your name be perpetuated and kept in honorable remembrance from generation to generation, these blessings I seal upon your head, even so Amen.

2015-5-memorial-day-16Dear Grandma Elizabeth,  we remember you and we speak your name.  We love you still today.  We honor your life and works and are grateful to you for the honesty of your heart and for setting our family on a path that brings us great joy.  Thank you.

Your GGG Granddaughter, Ann


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