Life Sketch of John Martin Bushman and Elfreda Farquharson Bushman

bushman-john-martin-portrait-young  bushman-john-m-young-man

History of Lehi, Part II, Including Biographical Section up to 1950
Published by the Lehi Pioneer Committee
Written by Hamilton Gardner
The Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1950
pp. 698-699


John Martin Bushman, the second son and eighth child in the family of eleven children of Elias Albert and Margaret Zimmerman Bushman, was born in Lehi, Utah, March 7, 1891. He was reared on his father’s farm.

He completed public school, graduated from Lehi High School, and attended Brigham Young University. While in high school, he took part in athletics, won his letter in basketball, track, and baseball three years; also played baseball for four years on the Lehi City team.

He wrote the history of athletics in Lehi High School’s first Year Book in 1913.bushman-john-m-athlete  bushman-john-m-athlete-1bushman-john-m-athlete-2bushman-john-m-athlete-3

His occupation was diversified farming having been active in stock raising, dairying, poultry raising and was a pioneer dry farmer in Cedar Valley.

In 1937 he was elected Utah County Agricultural Conservation Committeeman, known as the A. A. A., from the north end of Utah County. This office he held for four years. At that time wheat allotments and marketing quotas were in force. He was successively ordained a deacon, teacher, and priest in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Dec. 18, 1911, he was ordained an Elder by Abel John Evans and Jan. 25, 1920, was ordained a Seventy by Charles H. Hart, which office he still holds. He served thirteen years in the First Ward Sunday School, and has been active in genealogical work being at present its chairman. He has been an active Ward Teacher for many years.


November 19, 1913, in the Salt Lake Temple, he married Elfreda Farquharson, daughter of Francis and Dorotha Beck Farquharson of Alpine, Utah. Five children have been born to this union: John Lloyd (deceased), Ilah (Mrs. Leo Hadfield), F. Wayne, H. Keith, and Ludene (Mrs. Ronald Peterson).

Both sons have filled missions for the Church: Wayne to Texas-Louisiana and Keith to Northern California. All the children were married in the Salt Lake Temple.

Mr. and Mrs. Bushman have been members of the Old Folks Committee for fourteen years. In the years 1946-1947 they served as short term missionaries to the Texas-Louisiana Mission. They have done considerable research and temple work for their departed ancestors.

Mrs. Bushman worked as a Primary Stake Board member from 1931-1938, ten years in the First Ward Primary; first as teacher, then as Counselor to Sister Maude Evans. She also was a Beehive teacher in the Young Women’s Mutual Improvement Association in 1942-1943; and a Relief Society Teacher for many years. October 19, 1937, she was sustained as second Counselor in the First Ward Relief Society to Mary Ann Clark; October 4, 1938, was sustained as First Counselor and was released August 1942; was appointed President of the First Ward Relief Society June 8, 1947, which office she still holds.

She has been a member of the Fort Wall Camp of the D. U. P. For many years.


Here is another life sketch:

Life Sketch of John M. and Effie Farquharson Bushman

John Martin Bushman, the eighth child in a family of eleven children of Elias Albert and Margaret Zimmerman Bushman, was born on March 7, 1891. He received his education in the Lehi schools and the B. Y. U. He graduated from Lehi High School in 1913. He wrote the History of Athletics in the first year book of Lehi High School. He received his “letter” in basketball, baseball, and track. He was a member of the Lehi Baseball Club for a number of years. An active member of the L.D.S. Church, he served in the superintendency of the Sunday School for 14 years. He went through all the steps of the Priesthood, and at the present time is a High Priest in the Lehi Sixth Ward.

For eleven years he was chairman of the ward Genealogy Committee. For many years he was a pioneer dry farmer and stock raiser.

Effie Farquharson Bushman was born in Alpine, Utah, November 25, 1894, a daughter of Frank and Dorthea Beck Watkins Farquharson. She worked in the Booth Mercantile in Alpine before she was married. She was active in Church work in Alpine, serving as MIA Secretary and as a Primary teacher. After moving to Lehi she worked in most of the Church organizations. She has a certificate for 25 years of continuous work in the Primary organization as a teacher and in the presidency. She has served many years in the Relief Society organization as class leader, counselor, and as president. She has been a visiting teacher for more than 35 years.

Both were members of the ward choir, and both have worked on the Old Folks Committee. They have done a great amount of genealogical research and temple work. Mr. & Mrs. Bushman are active members of the Sons and Daughters of the Utah Pioneers and Mormon Battalion. John marched with the Mormon Battalion in the Inaugural parade in Washington D. C. in January 1961. He is a past president of the local chapter.

They were married November 10, 1913 in the Salt Lake L. D. S. Temple, and just recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. After their marriage they made their home in Lehi, Utah, and have reared their family and lived there ever since. They have two living sons and two daughters. Both have filled missions, and Mr. & Mrs. Bushman have filled a short mission in Texas. All of their children have been married in the Temple. These include Mrs. Leo (Ilah) Hadfield, Mrs. Ronald C. (Ludene) Peterson, and H. Keith Bushman of Lehi, Utah, and F. Wayne Bushman of Payson, Utah.

Mr. Bushman is still an active member of the Sons of Utah Pioneers and enjoys the memories of his activities with this organization.
bushman-john-m-effie-oval    bushman-john-m-on-porch


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