Elizabeth Yates Turley, mother of Theodore d. 6 March 1848


Theodore Turley, her son, talks of her in his journal. She and her husband, William, were living at Hurst Street, #65 in Birmingham when Theodore visited them there in January 1840.  Here are a few pages from Theodore’s journal where he mentions staying with his mother.  Transcriptions are below the entries.

tt-journal-about-his-mother[21] Feby 1 1840 This Morning at my mothers in
Thurst St No 65 I Pray God to give
one access to the understanding of
my relations that they may understa
nd the things of God as they are.
I read several Chapters to my mother and
made a few remarks.


[25] The Evening with Sister Walton and Mr
Walton at my B r Johns with his fameley
slept at my Mother in bed with my
Grandfather. Feby 3 1840
This morning my hearts Desire before God
His, That he will opne my way that I may
preach To my Parants The Gospel of Jesus
Christ. I Took Diner with Sister Mills.
Saw my uncl Thomas Hart this morning.
Spent The afternoon in Troying to obtain
an oppertunity to Comunicate to my
B r John The Glorious Things of The
Kingdom of God. I went to see my Wifes
B r Jessee Kimberley found him
and Wife well in health and 7 Children
Badly off for business. Spent the night in
comunicating to my Grandfather. Mother
and father the things that God has
don and will do in This Generation
[26] Feby 4 th 1840 This morning Took breackfast with my
mother. Then went to see Sister Mills
found her Sick. Then I whent to
see my B r Johns famely. I Desire th
Salvation of my relations I Pray
God to give my brother eyes to see
the Truth as it is in Jesus Christ.
This afternoon I whent to see M r
J Lilley a methodist Preacher That
used To be acquainted with me 20
Years ago. he appears to be very Darke
as to the Things of God. I could not
get him to understand The Plan of
salvation. Nor the revelations as given
The timley warning I made him as of
I spent The rest of the Day in Convers
ations with my and fameley.
Oh; I Desire their salvation I Pray God
to give me his holy spirit to help me
and Give their Hearts to understand

BYU has digitized this journal and you can read it with the text here:




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