Christina Bertha Sieber Schott b. 23 Jan 1843, d. 1904

Grossgartach 2009 110

Christina Bertha Sieber was my grandpa’s grandmother, or my 2nd Great-grandmother.  She was born on this day in 1843 in Grossgartach, Germany.  Christina married Leonhard Heinrich Schott in Grossgartach on 12 May 1867.  They had 9 children, 3 died as infants.  This is the only photo I have of her family, and she is not pictured in it.schott-leonhart-heinrich-family
Standing: Carl b. 1872, Pauline b. 1879, Leonhard the father b. 1838, Caroline b. 1869, Wilhelm b. 1874 and Paul b. 1880 seated.  (Caroline Christiane Schott is my Great-grandmother, Rudolf Laemmlen’s mother.)

Here is the Family Register entry with all of Leonhard and Christina’s children:

Caroline Schott (1867-1868)
Caroline Christiane Schott (1869-1921) my Great-grandmother
Pauline Schott (1870-1920)
Carl Heinrich Schott (1872-1953)
Wilhelm Gottlieb Schott (1874-1953)
Marie Schott (1875-1876)
Paul Schott (1879-1879)
Paul Heinrich Schott (1880-)
Heinrich Ludwig Schott (1883-1955)


Christina’s parents were Johann Christoph Sieber, a farmer and wagon maker, and Katharina Rathgeber, both from Grossgartach.  Here is her birth entry in 1843 (#6):GGT Births 1843 p. 175

She was christened here in this place on the 29th of January 1843.Grossgartach 2009 032Grossgartach 2009 047

This little wagon was in the attic of this Lorenz Kirche, where my family attended church.Grossgartach 2009 053

This is Grossgartach, the village of my ancestors.  They were farmers and had vineyards. The vineyards below have been in our family for generations.  When I visit these places, I feel close to my family, especially the women who worked in these fields and raised their families here.Grossgartach 2009 114Grossgartach 2009 117Grossgartach 2009 121Grossgartach 2009 072

The home to the right of the tree above is where my Grandpa grew up.  Below is one of the older homes in the neighborhood.Grossgartach 2009 073

Christina married Leonhard Heinrich Schott on 12 May 1867.  He managed a chicory processing plant in Grossgartach.  My grandpa Rudolf said this about his father, “My father worked about 25 acres of land–about 30 pieces scattered in 1 1/2 mile radius around the village. He was community minded, served long years in the village counsel, also church counsel, was representative for widows and orphans, substituted for the mayor. All without pay.”


Here is a Family Register for Leonhard’s parents showing him as the 4th son of Johann Leonhard Schott, married to Christina Bertha Sieber.Schott, Johann Leonhard b. 1801

Here is their marriage entry 12 May 1867 (#18).  Leonhard’s father was a farmer and wine grower.  Christine’s father was also a farmer, both in Grossgartach.Schott, Johann Heinrich m. Christina Bertha Sieber.jpg

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  1. Betsy Hughes says:

    Do you know if your Schotts are related to the Schotts that lived in McGregor Iowa? They came from Germany.

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