Henry Harman Fowles, died of diphtheria 6 January 1892, age 2

Henry was the son of Sarah Erminnie Bushman Fowles, daughter of Jacob and Charlotte Bushman.


Mt. Pleasant Pyramid
March 1920

The funeral of Henry Harman Fowles was held at his home on Saturday. The ward choir furnished appropriate music and C.P. (Chris) Olsen, Burns Cox and Bishop Hansen were the speakers. All spoke well of the boy’s life. He was a Boy Scout and forty-eight Boy Scouts marched behind the casket. Many beautiful flowers were given and the funeral was well attended. Those who came from out of town were Mr. And Mrs. Ted Tomlin of Salt Lake City, Mr. And Mrs. Lanson Stewart of Magna, Mr. And Mrs. Merrill Fowles of Clear Creek and Miss Leda Fowles of Salt Lake City. He leaves his father and mother, Mr. And Mrs. Charles Fowles, six sisters and three brothers and many friends and relatives to mourn his loss.

I, Maude, Harmon’s youngest sister, remember this funeral. I was five years old. Harmon had Diphtheria and the doctor lanced his throat. Which may have been the cause of his death? Because Diphtheria was so contagious the funeral could not be held inside of a building. It was held, on the lawn, at our home on 4th East and 200 North in Fairview, Utah. It was A beautiful sunny spring day. I remember the casket was in front of the step of the south door. I sat on a small chair between my mother and father, on the front step.

The Hans Madsen hearse was a beautiful white carriage with white satin ruffles and fringe. It was pulled by white horses. We rode to the cemetery in a white surrey with fringe around the top canopy. I remember Harmon to be the kindest brother anyone could have. Always protecting me and never teasing anyone. I remember once he gave me a nickel. I thought I was rich.
The other brothers and sisters, not mentioned in the obituary, are Miles, Udell, Mildred, Cleo, and Maude. He was also survived by his maternal grandparents, Willard and Elizabeth Vance.

Written by Peggy Stewart Mowerfowles-henry-harmon-b-6-jan-1892fowles-henry-harman-b-6-jan-1892


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