Elias Albert Bushman b. 6 Dec 1849


Biographical Sketch by Evelyn McAffee, his daughter

Elias Albert Bushman was born Dec. 6th, 1849 at Highland Grove, Potawata Co. Iowa. He was the son of Martin and Elizabeth Bushman. His mother was past the age of child bearing (50 years) when he was born, for that reason she considered he was a gift from the Lord and for that reason she called him Elias.

They were in very poor circumstances when he was born, having just been driven from their home in Nauvoo. When the family came to Utah in 1851, he was about two years old. At that time it was very tiresome for him to sit in the wagon for four months and he could not run and play for he was too young to walk by the teams while they were traveling along. Some times, however, when he got too tired riding his mother would take him for a walk behind the wagon. His Father was near sighted and could not see when they laged behind, one day he got so tired he could not keep up and his Mother being a small woman, could not carry him, and sent Martin ahead to tell this Father to come back and carry him to the wagon.

When they came to Lehi he did not have the comforts that children have now. Their food and clothing were meager, but he grew up healthy and strong, and was always ready to help his parents in their work.

His schooling was very limited on account of the few books and poor schoolhouses, but he got enough to do his own business.


On March 27th 1879, he married Margaret Zimmerman in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City, by whom he had eleven children. His children always showed him the greatest respect, for he ruled them by love and they liked to obey him. He was a good provider for them. He was very successful in his business, was a good tythe payer, and was faithful in his church duties in the wards. He filled two missions proclaiming the gospel to the world. In 1891 he filled a mission to the Southern States and in 1896 one in California.bushman-elias-missionary-san-diego

During his life he held many church and civil offices among them are ward teacher, Home missionary, Member of the Building committee on the Lehi Tabernacle, He surely worked hard on this committee spending days and months. He was Elder, Seventy, & High Priest. April 26th he was set apart as alternate High councilman, of Alpine Stake of Zion, and Sept 15th, 1911, he was set apart as regular High Councilman. All his church positions were filled with honor and integrity. He served as a city councilman for Lehi, Utah, also many times as a school trustee.

He was very hospitable, very often he sent the poor & widows of the town a half or a quarter of mutton or some pork. I well remember taking it around in a little wagon or on a sleigh, and I loved to see their happy faces when I took it to them. My Father did Temple work in the Manti, Salt Lake and Logan Temples.bushman-elias-family

He was a Farmer and Sheep man by trade, and took great interest in having good horses, and cattle, and raising sheep, and he made a success of his business.

He always showed the greatest kindness & love to his sister and three Brothers. When one of his Brothers was cast into Prison for having more wives than one, he often went there to see him, and took him nice things to eat, and furnished the money to pay his fine. The Brother was Martin B. Bushman. This was taken from the Biographical Sketch, written by Uncle Martin for Fathers funeral.

He suffered a great deal of pain before he died, but bore it all without complaining. He passed peacefully away Thursday Oct 15th 1925. age nearly 76 years. Three daughters preceded him to the great Beyond.

Impressive and largely attended funeral services were held at the High School Auditorium (Lehi Tabernacle). Sunday, Oct. 18th at Twelve o’clock. M. S. Lott, councelor presided. Mrs. Abe Anderson & Co. Sang. invocation by Bishop Goodwin. Solo Margaret Kirkham. D. W. L. Worlton read the life sketch. The Speakers were President A. J. Evans, A. B. Anderson, Elisha H. Davis. Henry Smith & President Stephen L. Chipman. Other musical numbers were solo Edith Evans. violin solo. by Professor Clarke Hopkins. Closing Song, music by Mrs. Anderson and Co. Pres. Clark pronounced the Benedition. The dedicatory prayer was offered by Martin Bushman.

At the time of his death he held the position as High Councilman. The following tribute to the wife of Bro. Bushman was composed by President Chipman and read by him at the funeral.

“The Quiet unassuming Woman.” by President Chipman (read at his funeral)
Sister Bushman was the quiet unassuming woman that helped to make this great & good man. After a woman is responsible for the excellent qualities found in man, she is responsible for events by whose crash and splendor she herself is obscured. After too, she shapes the career of husband, brother, or son. A man may succeed and reap the honors of public applause, when in truth a quiet, good woman has made it all possible. She has by her tact and encouragement held him to his best. She has had faith in him, when his own faith has languished, has cheered him with the unfailing assurance. You can do it. You can attend those meetings, you can fill that mission, you can master that subject, you can accomplish that work. No matter what it is she is there to say go. You can do it.

Standing beside him, filled with trust,
Win, she whispered, you must, you must.
Watching and guarding, whispering still.
Win you can you will, you will.
This is the story of ages.
This is the womans way,
Wiser than seers or sages,
Sifting us day by day.
Facing all things with courage
Nothing can daint or dim
Treading Life’s paths where ever it leads
Lined with flowers of choked with weeds,
But always with him, with him,
It is here she waits,
Strong in Faith
His soul in her white hands,
Thanks be to God when she comes to him,
The woman who understands.

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