Elias Albert Bushman, Missionary to Southern California 1896-97


LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, Andrew Jenson, Vol. 2, p.284
Bushman, Elias Albert, an alternate member of the High Council in the Alpine Stake of Zion, is a son of Martin Bushman and Elizabeth Deagek [Degen] and was born Dec. 6, 1849, in Pottawattamie county, Iowa. He came to Utah with his parents in 1851 and settled in Lehi, where he was baptized in June, 1858. He was ordained an Elder March 27, 1879, a Seventy Jan. 4, 1884, by William Southwick, and a High Priest April 26, 1903, by Hyrum M. Smith. In 1891’96 92 he filled a mission to the Southern States and in 1896-97 a mission to California.

On another occasion he made a trip to the States in the east, where he visited Nauvoo and Carthage (in Illinois), Kirtland, in Ohio, and the State of Pennsylvania, his father’s native State. He also visited the L. D. S. mission headquarters in the cities of New York and Chicago. At home Bro. Bushman has always been an active worker and has filled positions as school trustee, city councilman, Ward teacher, etc. With Margaret Zimmerman, whom he married March 27, 1879, he has had eleven children, nine of whom are still living. Ever since he came to Utah Elder Bushman has been engaged in farming and Lehi, Utah county, has been his permanent place of residence.

bushman-elias-la-missionaries-1895-maybe-top-rightI found this photo in a book about the history of the LDS Church in Southern California. The missionary in the top right looks like Elder Bushman to me.  I was able to find this digital copy in the Early Mormon Missionaries collection, confirming it is Elias.Bushman, Elias LA Missionaries 1895

Here is a photo taken of Elias’s family during the time he was on his mission.  Imagine leaving these adorable children behind!


In 1902, Elias and his brothers, John and Martin served a mission to gather family history information.bushman-john-elias-martin-b-mission


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