Obituary of Frederick Barker d. 4 Nov 1866, North Ogden, Utah


Frederick Barker and Ann Bligh Barker with four children, Matilda, Mary Ann, James and Sarah, also Frederick’s brother, George and family, sailed from England March 23, 1830, in the “New Brunswick”, an old English war vessel equipped with armament. They landed at Staten Island June 23, 1830 and soon afterward located at Le Raysville, Jefferson County, New York. After four or five years, they moved to Watertown. At Le Raysville the children, William and Harriet were born, and at Watertown, Jane, Henry and Byron. Early in the 1840’s the two families were converted to the gospel through the efforts of Dimick Huntington, Benjamin Brown, Jesse W. Crosby, and Thomas Dutcher, and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In the spring of 1845 the Barkers left New York for the west, stopped at Indian Prairie, now Lebanon, Iowa for three years, obtaining means and provisions to equip them for their journey to the “valleys of the mountain.” They removed from Lebanon in the spring of 1849, arrived at Council Bluffs June 8, and leaving July 7 in Captain Allen Taylor’s company of 100, Enoch Rhees’ 50 and David Moore’s 10, 205 souls, 65 wagons, 292 oxen, 127 cows, 21 horses, and 148 sheep. They arrived at Salt Lake City October 20, and at Brown’s Fort (now Ogden) October 24, locating for the winter on the north side of the junction of the Ogden and Weber rivers. They were among the first families of Ogden.


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