Otto Eduard Meisel b. 25 October 1853, Cainsdorf, Zwickau, Germany


This is Otto Eduard Meisel, Great-grandfather of my husband, John.
John Conley Lewis < Catherine Elizabeth Conley < Charlotte Christine Meisel < Otto Eduard Meiselmeisel-otto-3rd-from-leftOtto is the 3rd from the leftcainsdorf-from-westCainsdorf from the west

When Otto Eduard Meisel was born on October 25, 1853, in Cainsdorf, Saxony, Germany, his father, Feodor, was 33 and his mother, Augusta, was 28. He married Maria Theresa Emma Hermann about 1880, in Germany. She died 1883. He then married Christiana Minna Kruegel on 7 November 1885 and they had 10 children together. He died on December 11, 1934, in Salt Lake City, Utah, at the age of 81, and was buried there.

His granddaughter, Ruby Conley Cardon writes: “Grandma and Grandpa must have suffered–uprooted. They never learned the language. The work was grueling on the inhospitable, unpopulated east bench of the Salt Lake Valley. Eventually–I don’t know any timing–Grandpa became a night watchman for Keeley’s (ice cream and tea room) and Aunt Ida, later on, went to work there. Someone, I think Aunt Margaret, worked at the Troy Laundry. Mother (Charlotte) employed her needle at a women’s wear shop before she was married in 1913. Aunt Gertrude worked as a salesgirl at Keith O’Briens, a Salt Lake Dept. store.
Meisels built the 19th East home (1375 South 19th East) sometime after 1911. They chose that location because Grandma had asthma and needed to be high–also, probably because they could afford the acreage there.
Elise and John Carlson, a police officer, who were married May 14, 1913, built a very small home beside the Meisels.
Being isolated and far from markets, and as an economic necessity, they kept chickens and turkeys. All water was hand pumped, so it was necessary to be frugal. An interesting note: Youn Jack Dempsey from Manassa, Colorado, was one of the crew who dug the well behind the house. There was a large coal stove in the kitchen–with a warming stove above–they burned wood mostly, however, which we hauled from somewhere toward the mountains.

Otto Meisel with granddaughters Peggy and Ruby in Salt Lake City

meisel-otto-and-christiane-headstoneEllis Island Passenger Record:
Otto Meisel
Geisenbaum, Germany
Date of Arrival: July 17, 1909
Age: 55, Single
Ship: Amerika
Manifest Line Number: 0009otto-meisel-naturalization-recored


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