Elias Albert Bushman, d. 15 Oct 1925

Bushman, Jacob, John, Martin B., Sarah, Elias Albert
Pictured:  Jacob, John, Sarah Ann, Martin Benjamin and Elias Bushman

Life Sketch of Elias Albert Bushman by Wanda Bushman, daughter-in-law, 1999

Born Dec. 6, 1849 in Highland Grove, Pottawatamie Co., Iowa
Died Oct 15, 1925 in Lehi, Utah Co., Utah
Arrived in Utah Sept. 12, 1851
Company–Captain Easton Kelsey Company
Married March 27, 1879 to Margaret Zimmerman
Submitted Snow Springs Camp Lehi, Utah D. U. P.

Elias Albert Bushman was born December 6, 1849 at Highland Grove, Pottawatamie County, Iowa. He was the youngest child of Martin and Elizabeth Degen Bushman.

He was born after his mother was past the usual child bearing age [she was 48 years, 9 months old], and he was regarded as a gift from heaven, so was give his Biblical name of Elias. They were in very poor circumstances when he was born having just been driven from their home in Nauvoo. He was less than 2 years of age when the family continued their journey from Iowa to Utah in 1851. Albert is said to have walked a considerable distance of this 1000 mile trek which took four months. It was very tiresome for him to sit in the wagon so his mother would often take him for a walk behind the wagon. One day Albert got so tired that he could not keep up so his mother tried to carry him, but she soon became exhausted because Albert was a large child for his age. She sent Martin (his brother), to run and catch up with his father who came back and carried the boy to the wagon. His brother Martin had to help tend Albert while his mother was getting supper and the men tended the animals. Martin was complaining he had to tend the baby, when all at once there came some Indians. They were all painted and that indicated trouble. It scared him so bad he did not grumble anymore. The men had to give them a beef and some flour and other things. They were determined to have two beef, but they talked them out of one of them.

They arrived in Utah September 23, 1851 in Captain Easton Kelsey’s Company.

When they came to Lehi, Albert did not have the comforts that children have now, their food and clothing was meager; but he grew up healthy and strong and as always ready to help his parents in their work. There was a school in Lehi, the “fall” that the Bushman family reached the village but pioneer life called for much physical effort and school was held only a short period each winter. Books other than the Standard church works, which were rather difficult for beginners, were scarce. Therefore, Albert, like the rest of the family, never went far in school. Although he was self-educated and was considered to be well-versed in business, religion and other phases of life.

On March 27, 1879 he married Margaret Zimmerman, daughter of John and Harriet Laura Lamb Zimmerman in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City. They went to Salt Lake in a covered wagon. It took them a day to get there. They had lived across the street from each other at First East and Center for years previously; after their marriage they moved into the old “Bushman Home.” Both of these homes are still in use (1999). Later they built a new home on the Saratoga Road where most of their eleven children were born and reared. When Suel, the youngest child, was about nine years old they bought the home in Lehi and spent the rest of their lives there.

His children always showed him the greatest respect for he ruled them by love and they loved to obey him. He was a good provider, he was successful in his church duties. After he was mature he was looked upon as the most successful businessman in the family and was one of the well-to-do farmers and livestock men of the valley. Yet he and his wife were exceptionally hospitable to both relatives and friends and their door was always open to the lowly as well as the great of the community. Albert took a great interest in maintaining good horses and raising fine sheep. He was one of the first farmers in the town to raise sheep on a large scale.

During his life he held many church and civil offices. Among them are ward teacher, home missionary, member of the Building Committee of the Lehi Tabernacle. He and Elias Jones were the only two who were on the committee the entire time. He surely worked hard on this committee. He served two missions–in 1891 to the Southern States, and in 1896 to California. He was a High Councilman in the Alpine Stake. He served as city councilman for Lehi, Utah, also many times as school trustee. He was very hospitable and generous. Very often he sent his children with mutton or pork and they were rewarded by seeing the happy faces of those who received it. He always showed the greatest love and kindness to his sister and three brothers. When one of his brothers, Martin B., was cast into prison for having more than one wife, he often went to see him and took him nice things to eat and furnished the money to pay his fine.

His inherent honesty is illustrated in the way he divided the crops when he was renting land. Invariably he would have his boys take the first and best load to the other party. In this as well as in all of his practices he lived his religion in his every day life, and he was a peacemaker and loved to have everyone happy.

When he received his call to the California mission, he desired to get his crops planted before he left so as to make it easier for his children. Soon after this bad luck struck to test his faith. Three horses and five cows died–one after the other. He and his wife decided the Lord wanted him to fill the mission right then, so he told the Bishop he was ready to leave. The oldest of his nine children was Elias Albert Jr., 15 years of age, who was left to take charge of the farm and livestock.

Elias Albert and his wife, Margaret, did a great deal of temple work for their dead ancestors in the Salt Lake, Manti, Logan, and St. George Temples.

Elias Albert died October 15, 1925, at his home in Lehi, nearly 76 years of age, and was buried in Lehi.

All eleven of his children were born in Lehi.bushman-elias-family-during-his-mission

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