Elizabeth Degen Bushman, Midwife in Nauvoo

Here’s an interesting mention of Elizabeth Degen Bushman in this excellent book by George and Sylvia Givens.


Told by Evelyn McAffee by her cousin, Alonzo Rhodes:
Elizabeth was a hard working woman. She cared for her family and on the side nursed the sick, especially the mothers when their babies were born. She was a midwife and a doctor. They called her Godmother. She went to care for the sick any hour and at any time, day or night. She was not paid in money, just took what people would give her, vegetables or anything, and many times was paid nothing. She brought 357 babies into the world.

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1 Response to Elizabeth Degen Bushman, Midwife in Nauvoo

  1. Thanks for the great post Ann, we love Grandma Elizabeth Degen Bushman. The price they paid and the legacy they left us is great. We better forget the blues of the pandemic and fires and get a move on!

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