Frederick Barker, my 3rd Great-grandpa

Barker, George and Ann Blygh

Frederick was born 4 October 1800 in Diss, Norfok, England to William and Jane Barker. he had seven brothers and sisters. There were: Rhoda, Leonard, William, George, Matilda, James and Harriet. Frederick grew up in a stern but loving family. He received little schooling but learned the value of hard work and how to enjoy it.

He met a lady by the name of Ann Bligh. Ann was the daughter of Daniel and Sarah Pease Bligh and was born 8 February 1802 in Shelfanger, Norfolk, England. Frederick and Ann were married 18 February 1822 and settled at Diss, where four children were born to them: Matilda, Mary Ann, James and Sarah.

Dover Harbor ca. 1830.jpg

In 1830 the English government furnished transportation to poor families to go to America. Among them were George, Frederick, James Barker and their sister Harriet Barker Jarrell and their families. They crossed the ocean in an old English sailing ship the “New Brunswick”, equipped with armory. They sailed 23 March and were 13 weeks on the ocean arriving at Staten Island 22 June 1830. During the voyage, smallpox broke out on shipboard & all of the Barkers, except James, son of George were down with it at the same time. Sarah, the wife of George died and her son was the only one of the family to see her lowered in to her watery grave, which was done by tying hands and feet, attaching weights and sliding the body down a plank into the ocean. [In Don Barkers book, “Odyssey” it states on page 5, ” It is said that Frederick Barker was so afflicted with the disease that a bed sheet taken from his bed would nearly stand alone.] They located first at LeRay and later about 1836 they settled in Watertown where they joined the church about 1845 in New York. In March of 1846, he moved to Lebannon, Van Buren Co., Iowa, where he resided until May 1849, when they moved to moved to Council Bluffs, Iowa. In the 1830 census of LeRay, Jefferson Co., NY, both Frederick and brother George were listed as Parker.

On July 7th, 1849 his family left Council Bluffs with the Allen Taylor company for Utah, arriving at Salt Lake City, 20 October 1849 and three days later at Ogden.

The next day, being the Sabbath, a layover for rest was taken, and a meeting was held in the Bowery. Many of the company avialed themselves of the privilege and heard Orson Pratt speak. On Monday morning, 22 October, Frederick Barker and family proceeded on the camped that night at Bountiful, Davis Co., Utah. They next day they traveled as far as Layton and camped. 24 October 1849 the company arrived at what afterwards was named Ogden, and stopped for the winter in Brown’s Fort, locating in a group of cabins between the two rivers, near where the Ogden River enters Weber River.Ogden map 1875

Here in this locality Frederick lived for a while with his family. In the Spring of 1850 they moved cabins and all from Brown’s Fort into Farr’s Fort near the old woolen mill site between Mill Creek and Ogden River just below where the North Ogden canal was afterwards made around the foothills.

Soon they moved on to Mound Fort. About his time, Frederick and Ann were divorced. Ann taking three of the younger children. Harriet, Jane and Byron with her and Frederick taking Henry.


From Our Pioneer Heritage, Vol. 20, p.383: Lynne, named for a town in Scotland, was settled in 1849 by Edith Rice, George and Frederick Barker and Charles Burke. The following year Isaac Newton Goodale, Erastus Bingham and others came. In 1851 irrigation water was brought from Mill Creek under the supervision of I. N. Goodale. A log schoolhouse was erected in 1852 with widow Green the first school teacher….Lynne Settlement, located two and one-half miles north of the Ogden City Court House and west of Washington Boulevard…It was a portion of land owned by Miles Goodyear, early mountain man and trappers. On January 1, 1924, the name of Lynne was changed to Ogden Fifteenth Ward.

They camped the first winter at the big bend of the Weber river and in the spring of 1850 , moved to where Joseph Moore now lives [I don’t know what year this was written] and in 1851 into Farr’s Fort. After arriving in Utah Frederick and Ann Blygh Barker were separated and Frederick married second Mrs. Johnson, a widow. Ann Married “Uncle” George Barker with whom their children resided until marriage.

Frederick was a Baptist in England, a Presbyterian in New York, and a Mormon in Utah. [Being a Baptist in England surprise’s me as I don’t feel that there were many Baptist in England at that time.

In the 1850 Frederick was living in Ogden, UT with wife Ann and children James, Susan, his brother George and the children of George, William, Harriet, Jane, Henry and Brian.

Barker, Frederick. b. 1800 d. 1866, No. OgdenBen Lamond Cemetery, North Ogden, Utah

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