Charlotte Amanda Bushman Sabey b. 31 July 1860, Lehi, Utah

Bushman, Charlotte Amanda m. Sabey    Bushman, Charlotte Amanda b. 1860

The Theodore Turley Family Book p. 479:

Charlotte Amanda Bushman was born July 31, 1860 in Lehi, Utah. She was a daughter of Jacob and Charlotte Turley Bushman. She was married to John Sabey in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City on December 11, 1879. Amanda died on January 25, 1928.

John Sabey was the son of James and Jane Bone Sabey, early converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He was born June 2, 1859 in Bedfordshire, England. He served as a construction worker, foreman of a railroad section, city marshal of Lehi, and as a colonizing missionary to Arizona. John died June 12, 1916 in Lehi.Bushman, Amanda (Sabey) 10001.jpgCharlotte Amanda and John Sabey with daughter, Lexie and grandchildren.

Children of Amanda Bushman and John Sabey (all born in Lehi):
John Richard Sabey, Oct. 29, 1880-Aug. 11, 1948
Charlotte Jane Sabey Gray, April 19, 1883’96 March 5, 1952
Grace Erminnie Sabey, Sept. 7, 1886- Nov. 9, 1887
Clara Roxanna Sabey Doyle, Oct. 16, 1888-May 22, 1942
Aaron J. Sabey,Dec. 10. 1891
Arthur Sabey, April 29, 1895-Nov. 10, 1964
James Jacob Sabey, April 11, 1898-Dec. 24, 1973
Lexie Rose Sabey Adams, Dec. 2, 1902

The Bushman Family History by Newbern I. Butt, p. 20 records Charlotte Amanda Bushman was limited in her activities by poor health, but served as a Relief Society teacher.

If any of you know any more about Amanda, please share.  I’d love to know more.

Sabey, John & Charlotte Amanda Bushman headstone

Jacob Bushman Family

Jacob Bushman Family

Bushman, Charlotte Amanda homeSabey, Charlotte Amanda (Bushman) d. 1928.jpg

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3 Responses to Charlotte Amanda Bushman Sabey b. 31 July 1860, Lehi, Utah

  1. momgaug says:

    I just happened upon your page, and realized that we obviously are related. Charlotte Bushman Sabey is my Fathers 3rd great grandmother on my Dad’s Doyle side of the family. What a great blog and lots of wonderful images and histories. I can see I am going to be visiting here a lot. Since I found someone who is obviously interested in Genealogy, I wondered if you have any information on James A. (Alloisius) Doyle or his father or Mother? That is where I am stuck in that Doyle family line.

  2. It’s very nice to meet you. My email is so you have it. I hope you find many interesting stories of our family members here!

    Here is all I have on the Doyle Family:
    Bushman Family History by Newbern I. Butt, p. 28:
    He was a miner, worked on power plant in American Fork Canyon, supervisor for Shell Oil Co., accomplished musician.
    The Theodore Turley Family Book, pp. 486-487
    Clara Roxanna Sabey Doyle
    Clara was born Oct. 16, 1888 in Lehi, Utah. She married James William Doyle on May 7, 1907 in American Fork. James is the son of James A. and Adeline Anderson Doyle.
    Clara Doyle, through circumstances, was required to raise and support her young family without assistance. She accomplished this rather difficult task by working as a practical nurse, seamstress, and domestic. Later she became a dormitory supervisor and counselor for young men at the Utah State Training School in American Fork, Utah, She was instrumental in establishing the school lunch program for Alpine School District, Utah. Clara acted as a judge at voting polls for many years. She was secretary of MIA, president of MIA, and secretary of Lehi Service Star Legion. She was much sought after and appreciated for her reading and recitation talent.
    James William Doyle was a miner, construction worker on the American Fork Canyon Power Plant, and later, a supervisor for Shell Oil Company. He possessed and utilized many musical talents.

    Children of Clara Sabey and James Doyle:
    Della Doyle Smith, born Febr. 29, 1908
    John William Doyle, born Oct. 26, 1910; married Martha Street
    James Frances Doyle, born March 21, 1912
    Albert Smith Doyle, born Feb.5, 1914, died young
    Maxine Vivian Doyle West, born Sept. 4, 1915
    Sherman Sabey Doyle, born April 4, 1919

  3. There is some good info on FamilySearch for James Alloisius Doyle here: including some photos and documents. It may give you some good clues and leads for more!

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