Ann Blygh Barker and the Seagulls

Ann Blygh Barker was my 3rd Great-grandmother.  Her daughter, Jane Barker Durfee, future wife of Henry Dennison, told the following story about her mother, and the miraculous rescue of their crops.

Barker, Ann Blygh art work with seagulls

We had very hard times when we first came to the valley…we planted our grain all we had and had to depend on it for our bread we were living on corn meal wild berries and segos did not get much milk or eggs we also had wild game at times so we planted garden had potatoes corn and all we could when the grain was all headed out we saw the crickets coming they were so thick it was like a cloud passing before the sun. Mother pleaded with the men to go to the grain Patch and try and scare them but they were discouraged and would not so mother said come Harriet and Jane let us take tin pans and a blanket and try and scare them. by the time we got to the field they were beginning to settle down on the grain we went through drumming on the pans and dragging the blanket but they did not go for all we ran back and forth. We were still drumming on the pans when we noticed that Mother was standing still and we heard her Praying in tongues and we to stood still as she Prayed the crickets began to rise off the wheat and soon not a cricket was left on the wheat and we watched them fly down to the Lake and they never came back Mother raised 6 hundred bushels that year on that Patch.

Artwork by Minerva Teichert


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