Martin Benjamin Bushman, b. 5 Feb 1841, d. 31 Oct 1927

Bushman, Martin Benjamin b. 1841

[This biographical sketch of the life of Martin Benjamin Bushman, written by his granddaughter, Ruby Zimmerman Meredith, was found written in the Temple Record Book of their father, Jacob Bushman, pp. 16-18 ( FHL # 673266, item 11). It is retyped here by Ann Laemmlen Lewis, May 2007. Spelling and punctuation from the original have been retained.]

Martin B. Bushman was born 5 Feb. 1841 in Bart Township, Lancaster Pennsyvania and was the seventh child of ten. His father was Martin Bushman and his mother Elizabeth Degen Bushman. His parents received the gospel just prior to his birth, therefore he inherited from his mother a love for the Gospel and Gods servents. This love stayed with him all through his life.

His parents moved to Nauvoo, Ill. when he was just one year of age. It was a journey of over 1000 miles with team and wagon. They lived in that city for four years and was well acquainted with the Prophet Joseph Smith and as a boy he remembers setting on the Prophets knee. His parents lived at Nauvoo until 1846 when the saints were driven from there. Just before leaving, his mother took him to see the temple for she wanted him to always remember it.

He remembered one of his sisters being laid in a cold grave with out even a coffin. She had died as the result of cold and exposure, while on that dreary journey from Iowa. One week later sorrow hit again and one more sister died and she also was burried by the roadside. The family suffered much while on this journey. They stayed near Council Bluff for four years while their father went away to work to get something for them to eat and wear.
In 1850 he received a great blessing in which many things were promised him. In the next few years he had many close calls of losing his life but he was preserved that the Lords promise might be fulfilled.

The family started for Utah in May 1851. They were about five months on the way. He shared in all the hardships of that journey and of the early settlement of Utah. He never missed a chance of listening to the good council of President Brigham Young.

In 1861 he was called on a short mission to drive a ox team to the Missouri River to bring Saints to Utah. He has given many dollars to Missionery work and has sent two sons on missions. One son Louis died while in the field of labor.

At the age of 22 he married Lucenda L. Goodwin in the Temple. President Brigham Young performing the ceremoney. Four years later President Wilford Woodruf married him to Martha Worlton as a plural wife (1867). He was the father of ten children by each of his wives.

He was baptized into the church 5 May 1849. He was set apart as an Elder and a Seventy and was President of the 68th quorum of Seventies. He acted as a Sunday School teacher in the Lehi Ward for 24 years. He also labored in the Y. M. M. I. A. and has held offices in the Lehi City government such as city councleman, marchel, police and road supervisor, and has assisted in building Lehi City every since it first began. He helped to write the book “History of Lehi.”

He always took a great interest in his dead ancestors and has done much work for them in the temple, in order that they may receive the same blessing through the restored Gospel as he did. He always paid one tenth of his income as tithing to his Heavenly Father. He was also a great believer in keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. He always seen to it that his family observed family and secret prayers. He was thoughtful of the sick and the poor and widows. He was quiet and unofencive and loved by all who knew him. He was a very industious man and at a very old age he was still working hard on his farm. He took great pride in the fact that there were no weeds on his farm. He loved to grow the biggest and best beets in the country.

He died 31 Oct. 1927 at his home in Lehi after a short illness as the result of a stroke.

Wrote by his granddaughter
Ruby Zimmerman Meredith

Bushman, Martin B & Martha wedding Bushman, Martin B. Family Bushman, Martin Benjamin headstone  Bushman, Martin Benjamin old

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